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ORINK builds two new plants in Zhuhai

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Under the increasingly tough market competition, ORINK GROUP has step by step started integration of our laser cartridge lines since the end of 2015. The main aim is to make more clear division of production lines, more centralized production bases to highlight the company’s strengths. The previous scattered production bases resulted in huge logistics pressure, and overlapped production lines among these bases led to weak and uneven operation efficiency. Orink is thoroughly aware of this.



 Orink closed few of production plants of low efficiency and built two new near the Zhuhai airport, aiming to providing premium quality compatible laser cartridges. The first one base focusing on black cartridges has been in operation successfully since this May, and the second one for color cartridges will come soon in end of July. We will ensure a monthly output of 0.6 million plus black cartridges and 0.25 million color cartridges with the two new plants, and output 1.1~1.2 million laser cartridges as a whole. Since the foundation decades ago, ORINK GROUP has insisted on the cooperate spirit of “Quality, Outstanding and Innovation”. 




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