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“Our selling points are high quality, commitment, good after-sales-service & technical support”

by Imaging Solution Bureau
C-Net Anil-Jain

C-Net Anil-JainC-Net Systems was first founded in 1991 as a computer hardware and peripheral provider and later from 2001 onwards started providing exclusively imaging-related products. They also provide compatible cartridges. They have an annual turnover of 3 crores but growing at the rate of 35% per year. C-Net sells all over India through a network of 1200 dealers. They also remanufacture printer cartridges.



Anil Jain, Director, C-Net Systems, “Our selling points are high quality, commitment and good after-sales-service & technical support. We do not have any major challenges. We maintain good relationship with all our dealers. We always keep our store and technical knowledge updated.”
C-Net Systems own brand name is C-Net Power Print is a one-stop-shop for excellent remanufactured cartridges, compatibles and printer consumables. C-Net Systems procure high quality raw materials for their products and that is the key to their success in the market place. C-Net deal in leading printer consumables goods like original as well as compatible cartridges, cartridge parts, printer parts, photocopier cartridges, inkjet, inks & CISS.

They are importers & exporters, distributor and marketing organization for printer consumables. For example, C-Net LaserJet cartridge helps users to save money without compromising on quality. C-Net refill material, toner and ink ensure that the cartridges and the imaging raw materials work just like brand new. The company ensures quick delivery of its products.
To ensure that their remanufactured cartridges work the right way, at C-Net thorough quality check, for accuracy, durability and capability, is done before releasing the products for distribution.

Anil Jain, said, “Per month we sell nearly 2000 compatibles, but only a few hundreds of remanufactured cartridges. Compared to compatibles, remanufactured cartridges are costlier because many quality components are used. Most customers do not know the quality difference between compatibles and remanufactured ones. They just want cheap compatibles of with quality certain level (often of low quality). Remanufactured cartridges are better because we intentionally put quality components and also give warranty on them. For our C-Net brand compatibles which we import from China, we give only service warranty. Anyway at present only at higher-end, remanufactured cartridges are being used and for low end cartridges we are selling compatibles. When it comes to future, compatibles will become more common because nowadays compatibles manufacturers are improving on quality. In future remanufacturing will be limited to some high-end monochrome cartridges and color cartridges.”

C-Net Systems have established themselves as one of the leading brands in the DMP-Ribbon, compatible inkjet & laserjet cartridges, imaging supply raw materials, etc in the Indian market. C-Net has a wide product portfolio of printer parts that meet the present and future needs of different consumer segments. C-Net product distribution and servicing is supported by teams of skilled, trained and able staff.

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