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PREFIL Witnesses Rapid Growth, Aims at Further Expansion

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Founded in 2001 and based out of Delhi, PREFIL SYSTEM is a provider of quality imaging consumables. Led by its Proprietor, Umesh Chand Aggarwal, PREFIL SYSTEM offers high quality products supported by strong service. They also provide laser toners and inks, both color and mono, in bulk without brand name. They provide laser toners under their own brand name Printon, launched in 2005, through their partners and dealers. PREFIL SYSTEM also remanufactures color and mono laser and ink cartridges.

Umesh Chand shares, “Right now, we are offering 30-40% discount on purchases made before Mar 31, 2018 on selected products, as our target is to finish the current stock of compatible toner cartridges before the new financial year 2018-19 begins. All the products have good quality and packaging and we hope this offer also helps our partners to increase their revenues and profits.”

Other consumables that PREFIL SYSTEM provides include compatible cartridges, PCR and magnetic rollers, OPC drums, all types of chips, logic cards, pick up gears, fuser films, pressure rollers, pickup rollers, cartridge seals, air bags, etc. To supply quality products and services comparable to OEMs, PREFIL SYSTEM follows stringent quality control and exceptional customer service.

Regarding their business growth and challenges, Umesh Chand shares, “We are growing at a healthy annual rate of 20%. Thanks to our partners’ cooperation, commitment and hard work, in the last 3 years we clocked a very good growth rate. As for challenges, recently a lot of low quality consumables started flooding the market and as their quality is poor, their prices are also low. Since most users are unable to differentiate the right quality, they are often attracted to the cheaply priced low quality goods which give low output and quality. This is spoiling the market quality and culture, besides bringing down margins for the quality product providers. GST law is good as it helps us to avoid multiple-taxation and some unnecessary formalities and it also checks grey market operators. We saw good growth in our business.”

Umesh Chand adds, “Our USPs are best quality products, cordial relationships with our business partners and customers and transparent business policies. We offer our products pan-India, where major portion of business comes from NCR and North India. Color is growing faster than mono, but still mono forms major chunk of our business (nearly 90%). Vendors and other business partners can rest assured about our financial credibility. We have the best record of maintaining our financial commitments with our partners.”

Prefil System is committed to achieving the highest levels of customer service and customers today look up to the company as a value provider with high product quality standards and top technical support.

Regarding future plans, Umesh Chand asserts, “In the coming, we want to expand into import activities. We also want to further extend our business into other regions in India where currently our presence is not strong. We are in the process of adding more distributors and dealers to our network and also increasing our exports to Sri Lanka and Nepal and expand into other overseas markets.”

All products of PREFIL SYSTEM have a warranty equal to or exceeding those of OEM manufacturers. PREFIL SYSTEM’s personnel ensure that their company’s products offer the best performance and value to the end users.

Regarding the importance of distributors and distribution network, Umesh Chand clarifies, “Some importers underestimate the importance of traders like us and our distribution network. And they try to provide directly to the end users, but soon they realize that they have suffered losses. This is because as traders and distributors, we know which customers are reliable and good paymasters. We can recognize the defaulters well because of our knowledge of the customers in the market and years of experience and contacts. Providing through a trusted distributor will definitely ensure that the importer’s money is safe.”

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