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Premium quality and standard service are NuWays’ hallmarks

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Nuways Creation ventured into the remanufacturing toner cartridges in 2000. Led by its MD, Ravinder Aggarwal, NuWays provides remanufactured cartridges of impeccable quality using Static Control components. They also provide toner refilling and MPS services. In addition, they also provide digital photocopiers and printers on rent.

By recycling printer cartridges, NuWays tries to conserve natural resources and energy by reducing the usage and wastage for virgin materials. Aggarwal states, “Our remanufactured cartridges cost 45-50% less than OEM prices while giving excellent printing results with page yield nearly equal to that of the OEM cartridges. We also do remanufacturing of color cartridges.

Mono and color form nearly 50% and 50% of our business. Standard quality and best after-sales-service are our main selling points.” NuWays always follows the latest industry standards and conducts densitometer tests and post-print tests before packing their products. The company uses only premium toners which have been specifically designed to match individual cartridge brands and models. While remanufacturing, the company replaces all the moving and worn out parts wherever possible to ensure an excellent print performance.

NuWays offers Free Collection and Delivery Service to all businesses saving the customer’s time and offering them convenience. Regarding the new central government’s GST and the NuWays’ future plans,  Aggarwal clarifies, “New government’s GST is good because it will help those who are doing interstate business. Next BIS is also good because it will reduce low quality goods and fakes in the market as the present, as the present market is flooded by these unwanted things.

As far as future plans are concerned, we want to focus more on color segment and want to expand our MPS services further. We are also focusing on 3D printing. Our present annual growth rate is around 20-25% which we want to maintain. We also have plans to open new branches in Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad in the near future.”

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