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Print Audit Premier Grows to 300 Subscribers Worldwide

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Print Audit announced that its Premier program has continued to grow rapidly in 2014 and now has more than 300 subscribers worldwide.Premier is a membership program that gives office equipment dealers virtually unlimited access to all of Print Audit’s products for one low monthly price.

A major factor in Premier’s rapid growth has been its ability to help office equipment dealers reduce their customers’ costs while increasing their own profitability. The way Premier achieves this is two-fold: first, it provides members with a large bundle of product licenses at a fixed cost with flexible pricing options and, second, it gives dealers access to a wide variety of print management tools that can drive more volumes to their own devices.

“The primary objective of Premier is to help office equipment dealers grow their businesses,” stated John MacInnes, President and CEO of Print Audit. “Premier’s growth is strong evidence that we are living up to our brand promise of helping members win new customers, keep current customers and build recurring revenue.”Print Audit now publishes live Premier usage statistics on its website in order to prove that it is delivering on these promises. To date, Premier members have acquired 932 new customers, added over $3 million in monthly recurring revenue and retained 92% of their print management clients.

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