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Print-Rite Appoints Steve Weedon

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Steve Weedon has will head the strategic development with Utec, a key company owned by Print-Rite at Zuhai, China. Print-Rite is a vertically integrated organization where chip development started in 2002, the ICMI toner plant was acquired in 2003 and the AEG OPC plant was acquired in 2010. The company is involved in ink production, the plastic injection moulding of 4,000 line items including blades, seals, toner kits, copier toner bottles, waste toner bottles, ceramic toner, bio toner and textile inks. The company has also pioneered 3d printing.

Weedon was the Global CEO of Cartridge World from August 2015 and along with Samsung began the pioneering task of developing a mobile printing solution for the 96 million mobile workers around the world. Before that, he was CEO of Static Control based in Sanford, North Carolina having served the company in Europe as well, from 1993 through to 2012.

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