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“Printodome aims to become state-of-the-art digital platform to help imaging industry players to significantly increase their efficiency and profits”

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Printodome is a one-stop-destination for the partners in the imaging industry. Be it helping the clients to choose the right printer, to get hassle-free maintenance solutions, to cost-effective consumables and to disposal printers responsibly, Printodome is a concept brand launched in 2015 by Delhi-based ECO Logical Solutions. During the last 2 years, Printodome made significant progress in their mission to reaching out to the clients in the imaging industry. Sandeep Arora, Director, Eco Logical, shares innovative concept and vision of their brand in an interaction with Imaging Solution.
Mr Arora comments, “We are a digital platform for the entire imaging industry. We help connect service providers in the fields of cartridge refilling, printer repair, printer dealership, cartridge dealership, compatible cartridge suppliers, MPS providers, directly with users at very low cost. During the last 2 years, we did a lot of promotion and now we are getting very encouraging response from the different players in the industry.”
At present, imaging industry is facing lots of problems such as shrinking margins, poor quality products from China flooding the market, lack of knowhow among users as well as refillers, etc. Next, the fly-by-night refillers and distributors are further bringing down quality and standards in the market. Printodome acts as a hub to integrate OEM dealers, refillers, remanufacturers and after-sales-service providers in a way that is mutually beneficial to different players, for a nominal fee.
“For example, HP 900 cartridge is very complex to refill, but with our solutions and guidance, refillers will be able to do it easily. Our objective is to help the target audience right from the point of selecting the right materials, printers, right methods of refilling and disposing off used up materials in an environmentally safe ways. We have a website through which we interact with the clients. We help refillers and equip them with the best machines and knowhow to do their job efficiently and effectively.

The Printodome team comprises of experts from the fields of printers and printing. With years of experience behind, they set up Printodome brand to help the end customers as well as business partners get the maximum value. Their competitive team of engineers brings their clients world class service at a much better price.
Mr Arora shares, “With a decade of experience in the imaging industry, we have several contacts and a large databank or refillers, OEM dealers, service providers, etc. We help our clients to get best value by purchasing the printers that suit their needs and help to get the right annual maintenance contracts for hassle free functioning. Through our guidance, the users can also save big on consumables. We deliver dependable consumables right at the users’ doorstep. Our refills and consumables come with Printodome assurance. So you can print more without compromising on the quality. We are providing our services for both mono and color ink and laser.”

Regarding future trends and their goals, Mr Arora states, “Color market, though small at present, will grow substantially in future. For color toners, we help refillers choose the materials that give them near-OEM quality and also help them how to provide color-refilling at economical prices. Next, we prepare the refillers to be future-ready by giving them alternative plans and CRM solutions, so that they will not go out of business due to changing technology and competition, and perform confidently. Post-warranty period printer repair & maintenance is a major challenge which we are diligently trying to address. We are also designing MPS solutions for OEM and non-OEM dealers and refillers. Our Mantra is to equip the refillers with the best technology such that end-users get the best quality at their doorsteps. We want our present system to develop into a state-of-the-art digital marketing platform to help the service providers and suppliers to grow their business and give convenience to the end users. Though we are focusing on NCR at present, in future we want to expand our operations pan-India.”

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