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SCC Releases Innovative Imaging Products

by Imaging Solution Bureau

scc16-10-12HP CP1025 Drum Unit Components
Static Control has released a full color system to remanufacture the drum unit on the popular, low-cost HP LaserJet Pro CP1025, 100 M175 MFP and TopShot Color LaserJet Pro 200 M275 MFP as well as Canon LBP-7010/7016/7018 printers. The new components include a new Odyssey OPC drum with patented ZeroTwist Gear Technology, drum unit chip, wiper blade and drum unit shipping protector. Static Control also offers a full system of components for the toner cartridges, which are remanufactured separately from the drum unit.



New developer roller sealing blade
Static Control has released a new developer roller sealing blade that addresses the problem of occasional toner leaks and print defects in color cartridges used in HP CP1518/CP1525/CP2025/M351/M451 and related printers.
The new blade features a thicker blade design that overcomes a lack of rigidity of the hopper that allows toner to leak through a gap between the sealing blade and developer roller. The print defect, a small puff or “spitting” of toner at the top of the first page of a print job, has been observed in OEM and remanufactured cartridges. Static Control’s thicker blade design has been tested for thousands of pages in multiple printers and has shown to eliminate this particular print defect.

Chip to Convert Samsung ML-4551 and Xerox Phaser 3600 Cartridges into Dell 5330 Cartridges
Static Control modified its replacement chip for Dell 5330 cartridges to convert Samsung ML-4551 and Xerox Phaser 3600 cartridges into Dell 5330 cartridges. An indentation cut in the chip board allows the chip to fit the housings for the Xerox and Samsung cartridges, creating more empties and greater flexibility for remanufacturers.

New Samsung ML-1610/2010 Developer Roller
Static Control has released a new replacement developer roller for the Samsung ML-1610/2010 family of cartridges that is electrophotographically matched to work as a system with Static Control toner, wiper blade and OPC drum to provide optimum, consistent performance. Worn components increase possible field failures in remanufactured cartridges. Worn developer rollers often have flat spots that cause horizontal lines across the page, and damaged rollers can cause light print backgrounding or banding. Dents and dings on used developer rollers can lead to black spots on the page. Replacing worn or defective developer rollers with a new component removes uncertainty in remanufacturing and improves the quality of remanufactured cartridges.

Universal Waste Bin Converts HP P4515 Cartridges into
HP LaserJet Enterprise M4555 MFP, 600 Series M602/M603 Cartridges Static Control has released a universal waste bin that converts HP CC364X empties into CE390X empties, expanding remanufacturers’ access to these expensive and hard to find cores. The replacement waste bin also converts CE390X empties into CC364X empties. Static Control offers dedicated toner and chips for use in CE390A/X cartridges as well as an Odyssey OPC drum with patented ZeroTwist gear technology.

Highly Encrypted Color
Chips and Toner for Lexmark C540 Cartridges
Static Control has released new high quality colour toner and highly encrypted chips for highly profitable and easy-to-remanufacture Lexmark C540 printer cartridges. The cartridges are used in Lexmark C540/C543/C544/C546 printers and X543/X544/X546/X548 MFPs. “These cartridges are very simple to remanufacture and represent significant profit opportunities for remanufacturers”, said Ed Swartz, Founder and CEO of Static Control. “Access the toner fill port, fill with toner, replace the OEM hopper cap and replace the chip,” he said. “Bag it. Box it. Ship it. It’s that simple. In the current business environment, we are pleased to be able to bring these additional profit opportunities to our customers.”Static Control will ONLY sell to genuine cartridge remanufacturers. We will not sell to new build compatible ink and laser cartridge manufacturers.

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