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R C Print Solutions, Encouraged by Robust Growth, Plans to Expand Pan-India

by Imaging Solution Bureau

R C Print Solutions, founded in 2011, is a Delhi-based provider of high quality toner powder, compatible cartridges, PCR, mag roller, Teflon sleeve, chips, pressure roller, doctor blades and wiper blades, all under the brand name R C Print. Theirproducts are sold via over 500 outlets including distributors, dealers and retailers. As a supplier, whose benchmark is high quality,R C Print has a robust annual growth rate.

At present, their products are sold in North India in the regions of UP, Jammu, Punjab,Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan and MP. Soon they want to expand pan-India with more branch offices. Ravinder Chaudhary, Proprietor,R C Print Solutions, shares, “After seeing our impressive growth, we are planning to expand our operations pan-India so that our products will be available in all the regions in the country. The problem we are facing in the Indian market at present is a flood of low quality products in the market.

Our products being of standard quality naturally cost higher than the low quality–low priced products, but customer benefits from high quality products in the long run because they last longer, perform better and give better output. Unfortunately, most customers lack this long-term vision and they purchase anything that is cheaper. Through demos and explanations, we are trying our best to make customers understand how high quality goods will cost them less in the long run. Slowly customers are realizing the importance and advantage of quality products. More needs to be done by the industry regarding educating the end customers.”

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