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R C Print Solutions Plans to Expand Pan-India

by Imaging Solution Bureau

R.C. Print Solutions, founded in 2011, is a Delhi-based provider of high quality toner powder & inks (black and color), compatible cartridges, PCR, mag roller, Teflon sleeve, chips, pressure roller, doctor & wiper blade, etc under their brand name R.C. Print. Their products are sold via over 1000 retail outlets including distributors, dealers and retailers. As a supplier whose benchmark is high quality, R.C. Print has an annual growth rate of near 10% to 15%.

Ravinder Chaudhary, Proprietor, R.C. Print Solutions, shares, “After seeing our impressive growth during the last few years, we are planning to expand our operations pan-India so that our products will be available throughout the country. The problem we are facing in the Indian market at present is a flood of low quality products. Customer benefits from high quality products in the long run because they last longer, perform better and give better output. Our products being of standard quality, naturally cost higher than the low quality–low price market products. Unfortunately, most customers lack this long term vision and purchase anything that is cheap. Through demos and explanations, we are trying our best to make customers understand how high quality goods will cost them less in the long run though cost a little more initially. Slowly customers are realizing the importance and advantage of quality products. More needs to be done by the industry regarding educating the end customers about the importance of using quality products. We hope BIS will reduce the proliferation of these low-quality products in the Indian market.”

At present, their products are sold in North India in the regions of UP, Jammu, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, Delhi, Rajasthan and MP. Soon they want to expand pan-India with more branch offices. We provide all imaging consumables and also printer and copier parts. Good quality and price aimed at customer satisfaction, timely delivery, product consistency are our main selling points. We import mainly from quality-proven providers from China and South Korea.

“Color toner, inks and cartridge parts form nearly 5% of our total business but the color is growing fast compared to black. Particularly, there is tremendous increase in color inks especially for Epson machines. There not much growth of color toners. In future, we expect a good growth on color front, both for inks and then for toners,” adds Ravinder Chaudhary.

R.C. Print has a spacious warehouse at their head office Vikas Nagar, New Delhi. Recently, they opened a branch office in Daryaganj, New Delhi, which is the hub for traders of photocopiers and printers and their consumables. R.C. Print lays special emphasis on customer satisfaction and long-term relationships. The company maintains a wide range of products to meet the varied needs of different customers.

Commenting on GST and their future plans, Ravinder Chaudury comments, “Once the proposed GST comes into force, it will reduce multiple taxation and other unnecessary formalities. Also GST and BIS will reduce the grey market, increase competence & quality and restore order in the market. It will help us to do business across state boundaries and enable us to penetrate into new markets in other states. During the last demonetization our receivable payments got a little delayed but now things are back to normal. In future, we want to add more products to our portfolio and expand our business operations to new regions.”

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