Home Interview “ Re-Nu offers High-Quality Laser Consumables to their trusted pan-India customer base”

“ Re-Nu offers High-Quality Laser Consumables to their trusted pan-India customer base”

by Imaging Solution Bureau

A.R. Hind Laser Point Pvt Ltd, founded in 1996, is a prominent remanufacturer and refiller of laser toner cartridges. Re-Nu is a reputed brand in this industry for providing laser compatible cartridges, cartridge parts including OPC drum, magnetic rollers, toner powder, etc. A.R. Hind is the sole distributor of ITDL for East Delhi since 2016. A.R. Hind has four fully owned retail & refilling outlets in East Delhi. Interacting with Imaging Solution, the Promoters of A.R. Hind, Ratish Rastogi and Arun Bindlish, shared their views, vision and plans of their company.

“For the past 10 years, we have been mainly into remanufacturing and refilling laser toner cartridges. We remanufacture around 12,000 laser cartridges and refill nearly 100,000 cartridges a year. Our main consumers include corporates, DTP houses, small and big companies and end-users consumers. We reach them through our pan-India network of partners. Quality is the main consideration for us. Cheap compatibles do not provide quality and in most instances they do not run beyond first cycle, whereas remanufactured cartridges offer better quality and last longer. On remanufactured cartridges, we give single cycle warranty as all the OEMs give. Re-Nu Color Toners forms about 10% of our business, but our main focus remains monochrome laser toner. Our USPs is good quality, affordable price and excellent after-sales-service. We have a dedicated team of engineers and technicians to provide after-sales-service. If there is a serious defect, we promptly rectify that and even replace the cartridge if necessary,” Ratish Rastogi shares.

Arun Bindlish explains, “We are growing annually at a rate of 20%. GST is a good step by the government and it will help us to increase our business in the long run. Make in India is also a very path-breaking concept, but it will take another decade before it becomes practical and beneficial as conditions in India still have to mature to that level.”

Many providers are selling counterfeit cartridges and low quality compatibles. This has led to a big mess in the market. In this regard. Ratish Rastogi explains, “Deteriorating quality day-by-day is a major concern in the laser printer consumables market. Four years back quality was comparatively better, but now there are many poor quality compatibles and consumables. Most of the Products are low-quality and low-price that are dumped in third world countries like India, where buyers are more price-sensitive and for them average customer price is the main consideration. These low quality compatibles are affecting the remanufacturing business and also quality toners business in a big way. Now corporate customers and professional users are aware of this difference between low-quality compatibles and better-quality remanufactured cartridges. We have a strong and quality-sensitive customer-base and our customers understand well that the remanufactured cartridges have better quality compared to compatibles—so we are able to maintain our remanufacturing business.”

Regarding future goals, Ratish Rastogi concludes, “Our products are sold all over India, but remanufacturing is mainly done for customers in NCR. ITDL provides high quality toner and their teams are very cooperative with us; we are looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with them. Our brand Re-Nu is doing well. We have multiple dealer-partners spread across India. In the coming years, we want to expand our remanufacturing facilities across India thru our dealer network and also establish Re-Nu pan-India. We see the market improving in the last one year generating better business. So far we are satisfied with our performance and we want to expand our business further in the coming years.”

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