Home News Update “Reflet strives to give maximum possible satisfaction to customers”

“Reflet strives to give maximum possible satisfaction to customers”

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Reflet Imaging Services, launched in 2014, is a Hyderabad-based provider of IT imaging products, compatible laser toner cartridges, toner powder, OPC drums, copier powder, and parts like doctor blade, wiper blade, PCR and magnet roller under their brand name Reflet. The company was known as Refill World since 2002 before the launch of Reflet Imaging Services. Refilling is their main activity followed by trading.

S. Goutam, Founder, Reflet,explains, “Technological innovations have introduced complexity in the market. We understand this and try to match our product offerings as per the market demand. Our aim is to supply high quality
products at economical prices. Right now our main area of operations is Telangana state and we want to focus here only. However, we are focusing more on refilling activity which is doing well. Reflet products are going slow due to shrinking margins and increasing number of defaulters. This is happening because there are too many traders
nowadays and customers have wide choice.”

Mission of Reflet is to strive to give maximum possible satisfaction to the customers offering quality products and
introducing better products in line with the technological changes.Goutam adds, “Our USP is providing products with top class quality at highly competitive prices. GST announced by the new government might be useful but we have to wait and see how it works. Online retailing has dealt a big blow on our business because today even compatible cartridges are available online.

They are just upsetting the market prices. Customers are simply looking for cheaper goods, they are not concerned about the quality and service.” Reflet’s core business philosophy is based on the principles of trust; and they striving to offer safe and reliable products, adapting new technology whenever new innovations occur in the industry, and working with social & environmental responsibility.

Goutam concludes, “Corporate houses are our main customers. Every month we refill 100 color sets, besides several hundreds of monochrome sets. Color forms nearly 20% of our refilling business.In the coming years, we want to establish strongly in Telangana state,particularly in Hyderabad with powerful marketing and sales schemes and the backup support of our trusted suppliers.”

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