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V.M. International’s main selling point is standard quality at affordable prices

by Imaging Solution Bureau

V.M. International, a New Delhi-based provider of printers and copiers and consumables, founded in 1972 today provides printers and copiers,reconditioned as well as brand new,of all the leading brands like Konika Minolta, Brother, Ricoh, etc. They also provide machine parts of printers and copiers, cartridge parts, inks & toners—monochrome and color, CISS and other consumables. V.M. International is also a distributor in India for lamination machines of Olympia brand from Germany.

The company imports mainly from China, Germany and Singapore from reputed providers. Led by Mukesh Chaudhary, MD, V.M. International, the company is focusing on providing the best possible services and products to its customers pan-India.Mukesh Chaudhary shares,“We see printer market and copier market has a good scope in India, both for machines and consumables,and we are growing at an annual growth rate of 5-10% AGR.

We operate pan-India, but major part our business comes from North and West India (Gujarat and Maharashtra). Color market is growing very fast and it offers a great opportunity for future. Right now color-related products and services form nearly 15% of our business and it is growing. Now our main focus is on color.Standard quality at reasonable prices is our main selling point in all our activities.”

Regarding the new central government’s initiatives, Mukesh Chaudhary comments, “The new government’s initiatives under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi have been very supportive to the business community in India, since the government has been very encouraging towards businesses and entrepreneurs. The Make in India concept is very good. By 2016, we want to launch our own assembling / manufacturing unit in India for printer and copier accessories. GST will be very good once it into comes into efforts for distributors like us who operate in different states. With GST in force,people can avoid multi-taxation and the related formalities. In future,we want to expand their productline further and reach out to more regions.”

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