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“SCC is a components manufacturer with extensive technology and production capabilities”

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Static Control Components is the world’s largest manufacturer and global distributor of parts and supplies supporting the laser toner remanufacturing industry.  At present SCC has 15,000 products – everything needed to professionally remanufacture laser toner cartridges.  “We’re now focusing on new product development. Our role is to ensure that quality supplies are available to our customers anywhere in the world. Part of this role is also to ensure we keep pace with the OEMs, their frenetic release of new machines and changes in technology,” said Bob Schmidt, Static Control Components, Inc in a discussion with Imaging Solution in ReChina Asia Expo at Shanghai.



“SCC will continue its investments in research and development, and huge inventories located around the world to serve its customers with the very highest levels of service and unparalleled quality. We will also continue to expand our customer education programmes, end-user education programmes and multilingual customer support,” added Bob.

Clearly the market leader, Static Control has and continues to make huge investments in research and development, customer education programs, multilingual customer support and enormous inventories located around the world to serve its customers with the very highest levels of service, with unparalleled quality. Serving the very largest remanufacturers in the industry as well as the smallest, every day in every country. Static Control global associates work hard to earn the opportunity to win your business, with great service, unmatched product quality, and fair prices.

“SCC is a components manufacturer with extensive technology and production capabilities. This allows us to rapidly bring to market components of consistently high quality, providing OEM performance, and therefore allowing the industry to keep pace with the rapidly expanding market. We’re focussing color cartridges globally,” said, Bob.

“So far as Indian market is concerned there is tremendous growth of color in the market. Earlier the growth is 20 percent but now there are huge demands of color toner in the Indian market,” added, Iqbal Kaseem Azmi, Channel Manager, SCC. “We are going to start training centre in Delhi. The Centre offers hands-on training by an STMC-certified engineer with more than 15 years of experience. Remanufacturers will learn how to sharpen their diagnostic and conceptual skills when remanufacturing cartridges. Classes offered will include proper component handling and a methodical process to diagnose and correct print defects as well as post test failures,” added Iqbal.

Recently, Static Control has opened the aftermarket industry’s first Training Centre in New Delhi. The 1,500 square foot facility aims to educate technicians with the best practices in cartridge remanufacturing. The Training Centre features a full range of diagnostic and measuring equipment, a Cartridge Cleaning Workstation, tools, test printers and the latest in audio-video training aids.

“Today the industry needs to be recognised for its quality and differentiate between remanufacturing and simple refills. Again, this is part of the educational campaign enabling cartridge users to understand that a remanufactured product can give similar results to those of the OEM, and at the same time offer considerable savings. Quality and brand recognition are imperative if the industry is to thrive,” said, Iqbal.

Headquartered in Sanford, North Carolina in the United States of America, Static Control operates 20 separate manufacturing plants that add up to more than 1.5 million square feet. SCC has numerous remote locations and global distribution partners to serve the customer wherever they located.

“Our innovative chip technology is a good illustration of this and our new CTL Replenishment System, allowing the re-use of OEM OPCs, will revolutionise this industry over the coming times. Education is critical in the growth of a developing market, and this is where SCC can also play a key role. It will be through technical training and educational programmes that the general quality of the remanufactured cartridges will increase,” concluded, Bob.

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