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Static Control Discusses Industry’s FightAgainst Clones At R3 Expo in Prague

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Static Control recently sponsored the R3 Conference & Mini-Expo Europe, an event dedicated to the genuine Recharging, Remanufacturing and Recycling imaging industries of Europe. The event took place at the Top Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic on October 21 and 22. Organized by RechargEast and RechargRussia Magazines, this was the first R3 Expo and welcomed over 200attendees from more than 20 countries.

The show was held with the purpose of promoting clone-free remanufacturing, defining “What is a clone?” and sharing the dangers when infringing upon patents and intellectual property. Simon Grimes, Static Control’s Global Sales Manager for Eastern Europe, spoke about how OEMs are fighting back to reclaim their lost market share. “The OEMs aren’t slowing down in their pursuit of patent rights. Lexmark as an example continues to seek defendants to name in a suit they filed back in May this year,” Grimes said. “It should also be remembered that when patents are infringed, there’s no guarantee of a warning letter before being hit with a lawsuit –they have IP to defend and no reason to forewarn anyone who is breaching it.

He continued, “OEMs are also implementing increased technology to protect their products and already use authentication software to successfully combat counterfeiting. It will only be a matter of time before they start using this to tackle clones.” Martina Prusova, Business Development Manager for Eastern Europe at Static Control, expanded on how Static Control is distinguishing its customers from those prepared to risk dealing in clones. “We actively choose not to source and distribute product from companies associated with clone manufacturers,” Prusova said.

“We take IP serious and produce complete cartridge solutions that consist of innovative technology covered by patents of our own. We have the tools to give our customers an edge on clone manufacturers.” Presentations were also made by Lexmark, the Czech Republic Recycling Association (CRRA), MSE and others, each reiterating the negative impact of clone cartridges. Static Control continues to support any cartridge association or event that is prepared to join in the genuine remanufacturing industry’s fight against clones.

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