Home Fast Track “By keeping consistent flow of quality products Aryan have played a major role in organizing the industry & raising high standards for all competitors”

“By keeping consistent flow of quality products Aryan have played a major role in organizing the industry & raising high standards for all competitors”

by Imaging Solution Bureau

in today‘s world almost everyone owns an inkjet or laser printer or possibly both together. Just imagine how expensive it must be buying authentic OEM printer cartridge! Your printer can work with OEM brand Ink cartridges as well as compatible and re-manufactured or refilled ink & toners. Compatible toner cartridges are manufactured to meet the standard of your laser printer. They have good yield, for the page count with good quality printing.



The main advantage of buying Aryan cartridges is that you can save up to 30-70 % in reduced cost. “Aryan Trade World Pvt Ltd is a leading player in the Indian market. We provide IT imaging products, compatible laser toner cartridges, toner powder, ink, OPC drums, copier powder, and parts like doctor blade, wiper blade, PCR and magnet roller. In the past few years we have achieved success and market share beyond imagination. We have experienced Increasing popularity in terms of quality and highly effective marketing scheme. So overall we are faring very well in the industry and will continue to do so,” said, Tanya Goel, VP, Aryan Trade World Pvt. Ltd. The product ranges of ATW are very vast.Manufactured  using the best quality raw material, these parts and accessories are acknowledged for their high quality and reliability. Available in various specifications, these toner cartridge parts and accessories are offered at most competitive prices.

“Most vendors face problems by a number of factors relating the overall economy of India like dollar fluctuation, which plays an important role in the instability of the industry. And other problem within the industry is, “QUALITY”. Customers require quality products and it’s a challenge to meet the quality with  high expectations, we have been providing these high quality products at competitive prices for a long time now. Not just that we provide customer service which is well appreciated,” commented Tanya. There are over 50,000 odd players in the business of refilling and remanufacturing across the country employing more than five lakh people. In India 75 to 80 percent of the market is still covered by OEMs whereas all other players like compatible cartridge manufacturers, remanufacturers, and refillers comprise only 20 to 25 percent of the market.

Projections show that the market share of these players is set to rise. “Through our long-lasting collaboration and association with leading manufacturers around the world, we are able to pool the knowledge and expertise available globally to offer our customers products that are not only of high quality but are also up-to-date, to satisfy the every changing need of the market place. This also enables us to offer quality products at competitive prices while maintaining a constant and consistent supply,” said, Tanya.“Competitors are introducing cheaper quality powder to keep the pricing low, and for genuine players it’s a challenge to match the pricing of this low quality powder, as we cannot lower the quality of our products. Our quality is  our strength. By keeping consistent flow of quality products we have played a major role in organizing the industry and raising high standards for all competitors,” added, Tanya. ATW provide a range of toner chips that are specially designed to be compatible with any type of cartridges.

  Cartridges are incorporated with a chip that monitors how much toner is left and also gives warnings when the toner is running low. “These chips required to be replaced for complete and successful refilling of these cartridges. Manufactured using latest technology, our toner chips are quality proven and cost effective than those of OEMs. “If everything we’ve planned for our company works well, then in just the next few years we will be the best in the imaging industry all over India with powerful marketing and sales scheme and the backup support of our trusted suppliers. We will gain customer loyalty and deliver the best we can to stay the no. 1 in our industry with integrity and passion,” concluded, Tanya.

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