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INDUSTRY VETERAN. A K Jha Joins Greenlam Office Solutions as Business Consultant

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Arjun Kumar Jha, an imaging aftermarket industry veteran, recently joined Greenlam Office Solutions, whose brand name is GROWLAM. Jha will be Advisor to the company, in the matters of branding and marketing.

Greenlam Office Solutions, based in Delhi, is one of the most trusted upcoming organizations in the Imaging Industry for wholesaling, importing, trading and supplying a large array of Office Supplies. Greenlam sources raw material from reliable factories in China, Korea and Japan.

Since its inception in 2015, Greenlam has come a long way, starting with Lamination Machines and Laminating Pouch Film, and later on widening their product range adding Inkjet Photo paper, PVC Card Material Products, Spiral Binding Machines, Laser Toner Cartridges and more.

Recently, they have launched Copier and Laser Toner and have got excellent response from the market. They have been introducing new and innovative products, which has given them an edge in the market.

Arjun Kumar Jha, a commerce graduate, started off his career in 1972 in as an accounts executive and then moved into marketing and has nearly 47 years of resourceful experience in different industries working in different capacities. The industries he worked during his long span of time include those dealing in steel, plastics, medicines, FMCG, imaging consumables, etc. as Senior Manager, General Manager, Vice President, etc.

Jha achieved his greatest professional success while working in the imaging industry. He worked with Indian Toners and Developers Ltd (ITDL) from 1993 to 2010 (nearly 18 years) before he retired from there as Vice President.

Jha comments, “I worked in different industry segments at different senior management levels, but my experience in the imaging industry has been my main forte where I could use my talents and knowledge in the best ways. When I joined ITDL in 1993, the aftermarket imaging industry had been in its infancy and was poorly organized and confidence levels of the entrepreneurs were low. But at ITDL, supported by the team, I worked hard and worked smartly to establish their brand in the Indian market. ”

Jha adds “My experience at ITDL has been the best and professionally most satisfying. While working there, I travelled widely across India and acquired in-depth experience of the imaging market and industry. I am Very much thankful to the entire ITDL team and management particularly Shri Sushil Jain (CMD) for the respect and support given to me during the period when I worked with them. I am also very much thankful to the entire trade, particularly imaging industry, for the love, respect & support given to me when I was a part of this industry. For the last 9 years, I have been consulting many businesses but not consulted any imaging industry company dealing in toners etc. However, Gaurav Khetterpal’s insistence and respect shown to me and my knowledge & experience has again reconnected me to this industry. From this platform I am Saying HI & HELLO to all my family members of this Industry and hope to get a warm welcome and same old respect from all of you.”

Jha comments, “Greenlam as an upcoming company is doing very well and Growlam’s product portfolio includes lamination machines, lamination pouches, Copier and Laser Toners, Toner Cartridges, Inkjet photopaper , PVC Card Material Products, Spiral Binding Machines and Sensor Waste Bins. Currently, we are focusing mainly on establishing the Growlam’s brand presence and reach across India. Growlam focuses on good quality and customer satisfaction and such brands will always be successful and so I see a good future for Growlam.”

He adds, “ Gaurav Khetterpal, Managing Director for Greenlam, has a clear vision of taking this company to new heights, and to become the leading brand in Office Supplies. We plan to double the profit for the company in the next 1 year. Apart from the turnover and profit, we plan to make this company a truly professional and organized company. Mr. Gaurav Khetterpal is a young and dynamic person and a great learner with a down to earth attitude. He is capable to create a strong team and carry the same with him for achieving the long term objective.”

Commenting on the future of aftermarket imaging industry, Jha Says “According to me, the imaging industry has a lot of future in India, where most population still lives in rural areas and the country’s per capita income is still low but set to grow in future; so there is lot to happen in India in future. Those who provide good quality products build long-term relations and build up in a steady manner will always be successful.”

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