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Lowest Price Assured! Claims Aryan

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Aryan Trade World Pvt. Ltd., a pioneer in the imaging industry in India established in 2010. ATW strongly believes that in this ever evolving techno era, each passing day witnesses a technologically enhanced product. But the fact of the matter is that these technologically enhanced products brings along some complexities as well. Aryan Goel the President of Aryan Trade world PVT LTD has reveled us a big Secret, the secret to making it big in a market that is so competitive.

How Aryan Trade World (ATW) started the professional journey in printer consumable market?
Aryan trade world has been in business for more than over 60 years, we are into various sectors and always in seek to expand our horizons and develop strengths in these sectors, we have been importing goods from all across the world since a very long time, we have imported various products, but I believe that imaging line particularly has been our biggest achievement, we are very proud to have developed such strong relations with our suppliers, who support us the most, in comparison to our competitors, credit has never been an issue for us, hence he get the best pricing and the lowest pricing, and we are happy that we are able to pass on the benefit to our customers…

What is your biggest strength?


Lowest Price of all times, everyone has their own style of working, we believe in huge volumes, hence we are so sure that no one in the industry can beat our prices, we are so confident that our suppliers have been so generous to us, and will be in future too that no other importer or even manufacture can match our pricing, the reason I say this with so much confidence is, because we have partnership with some of the key manufactures In china and we are well updated about their costing and profit margins.

What type of challenges you’ve faced during your journey?
The market is very volatile; the competition is the biggest challenge, luckily due to the improvements in the economic structure and regulations only big companies and clean companies like us can survive. We also face problems in creating awareness amongst people; the buyers think that because Aryan is such a big brand, the pricing must be more expensive, which is not true at all. We provide the lowest price in the market in the excellent quality category.

What is the secret to your success?
Well! Its not my success, it’s the success of each and every person associated to our company. The secret is old fashioned and well know to us all, its hard work and focus. We work like a team, there is healthy competition amongst us all, yet we are always supportive of each other when it comes to the growth of the company. The secret is handwork, passion, teamwork and care, care for our customers and our reputation

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