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Thapar Traders wants to establish Apple Plus brand in Haryana & Himachal Pradesh

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Thapar Traders, led by Ravi Thapar and established in 2001, started off as one of the reputed refillers and traders in North India. Today the company has widely diversified operations, covering the entire gamut of imaging activities. The company today has a lot of dealers and efficient, devoted, technical & sales professionals associated with them.

Thapar Traders with a wide network of dealers and distributors throughout North India has made all its distributors to earn sumptuous profits. Thapar Traders deals in printer toner cartridges and ink cartridges, cartridge components & printer spares like OPC drums, doctor & wiper blades, recovery blades, seal, smart chips, magnet sleeve, PCR and many more. Thapar Traders focuses on re-engineering by effecting improvement in quality of products, in line with customers’ requirements, from time to time.

The company markets its products under its own brand Apple Plus and managed to stay in market in midst of stiff competition and maintains high customer post-sales satisfaction with reliable quality, sincere services and full technical support. Their future plans include opening more refilling plants in Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and other locations in North India. They have several standard companies as regular clients in North India, in addition to routine customers. Their future is optimistic and forward-looking.

Ravi clarifies, “We started our own brand Apple Plus in 2013 under which we provide compatible cartridges, laser toners, inks, dye sublimation inks, etc. We are doing very well on color front. Color inks form 70% in our operations whereas color forms about 15%, but color usage is increasing fast in the market. We record an annual growth rate of 20-25%. GST will be very good once it comes into force. Our main areas of operation are Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. Quality is our main focus. In future, we want to maintain our present growth rate and improve it further by adding more products to our line.”

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