Home Interview “We have widest range of toner cartridges that fulfill demands of our channel partners in Pan India basis”

“We have widest range of toner cartridges that fulfill demands of our channel partners in Pan India basis”

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Since its inception, Jupiter International Limited (JIL) has been a pioneer in early Technology adaptation and Transformational innovation and has more than 300 distinguished products integrated into a spectrum of 45 product categories.

Company’s immense success stems from its ability to improve, innovate and constantly re-orient ourselves propelling JIL to remain at the helm of this niche market. The innate culture of Commitment and Innovation, coupled with positive co-existence among our Clients, Business Partners and Stakeholders creates a dynamic and fluid network of feedback and research which ultimately benefit Channel Partners and Consumers. In a discussion with Bipin Thakur, National Sales Manager, Jupiter International Limited about printer consumable market and the future trends. Excerpts of the interview:
Please throw some light on printer consumables that you provide and tell the response you get from the market?

We have launched our compatible toner cartridges almost two years back and enjoying good response from market especially B and C tier city. We are very aggressive in adding new models as per market requirement. Presently we have widest range of toner cartridges that fulfill demands of our channel partners in Pan India basis. Our Brand “FRONTECH” is synonym of High quality cartridges with high page yield.

How do you compare your printer consumables in terms of price and quality when compared to OEM consumables?

We are offering value for Money product in compare to OEM, quality is as similar as OEM.

Do you have color printer consumables?

It is believed that when it comes to color, unlike in the case of monochrome, non-OEM consumables, compatibles and remanufacture cartridges fall far behind OEM standards.

What is your take on this issue?

No, we don’t see much success in color segment, still there is much more to do in this Category.

What are the challenges you face when it comes to providing consumables in the market?

End consumer especially corporate customers not much aware about compatible toner cartridges that hinder expected growth.It’s very hard to convince our quality and yield to channel partners who
involves in selling OEM.

What future trends do you foresee of printer consumables market in near future?

Its growing trends but we are facing problem from grey market players that deteriorate branded players efforts to set compatible means quality as similar as OEM. Simultaneously there are numbers of new entrant that will enhance visibility of compatible cartridges to mass customer.

Where do you see yourself in the printer consumables market in near future?

It’s going on track and shortly we will make our strong niche in this industry.

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