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YSoft SafeQ Announces Support for AirPrint and Embedded Support for Samsung MFDs

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Y Soft announced a mid-year update to its flagship enterprise solution software, YSoft SafeQ. Y Soft provides updates to YSoft SafeQ at least two or three times yearly. The updates often include technology and features that were only available to customers through the company’s Early Access Program (EAP) and are now available as part of the general release.

With a focus on decreasing print services costs, increasing security and improving workflow efficiencies, the mid-year update includes: AirPrint, Apple’s technology for printing from Apple devices such as Mac laptops, iPhones and iPads without installing drivers, is now supported in YSoft SafeQ’s Mobile Print module. For organizations who want to support printing on BYOD or company-provided devices from Apple but still maintain the secure access and document security benefits of YSoft SafeQ, can now do so without burdening the IT organization with help requests.

Further, IT can contribute to employee efficiency and satisfaction by enabling mobile workers to print from their Apple mobile device of choice. “Adoption of BYOD is strong across all types of companies and governments. Programs for smartphones and tablets are especially common, with more than 60% of midsize to large organizations reporting policies allowing for these personal devices. By 2017, the typical organization will support more employees using their personal smartphones and tablets than enterprise-supplied devices,” said David A. Willis, Gartner. With embedded support for Samsung MFDs, organizations enjoy YSoft SafeQ benefits through a seamless user experience accessed from the Samsung control panel.

Additionally, Y Soft produces compatible card readers for Samsung MFDs. For partners and customers, this means one less vendor involved in deploying a Print Management solution or as part of a Managed Print Services solution. Allows an organization to allocate YSoft SafeQ administrator rights and access to multiple IT staff. This is particularly useful for large organizations who share one YSoft SafeQ installation across multiple divisions with separate IT systems, or wish to define ownership across certain geographies or locations.

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