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How to reduce your printing costs?

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Are you frustrated by the high cost of printer ink and printer toner cartridges? You can pay more for an ink cartridge than an entire printer. The cost of toner cartridges for laser printers also seems out of whack. Finding ways to reduce printing costs can quickly add up to big savings if you do a lot of printing.



Buying cheap compatible printer cartridges is getting more popular in recent years. Recycled cartridges not only save consumers money, but they also are very green and help reduce the number of 400 million printer ink cartridges that end up in landfills every year.
Most printer manufacturers have adopted the same marketing model as razor blade companies. Sell the razor cheap – then make money with a big mark up on the blades that fit the razor. Printer companies will sell the printers at a loss in order to have you locked into buying their printer cartridges.

In addition, the printer manufacturers market heavily to convince consumers that third party products are inferior and not as reliable as the original brand cartridges. However, the original manufacturers are selling recycled cartridges and still charging full retail price. A knowledgeable consumer should be aware of what they are getting for the high cost. While some claim the high quality of OEM ink,
 Printing is now an everyday task, but many people are being put off printing in volumes because of the high price of the ink for the printers. Many consumers make use of a consumer printer in addition to a personal computer for a number of reasons. With the purchase of a consumer printer also comes the need to purchase replacement printer ink cartridges as the ink runs out of the cartridge you are currently using. Replacement printer ink cartridges that are purchased from printer manufacturers can often cause quite an expense for consumers. Many manufacturer-made replacement printer ink cartridges can even surpass the purchase price of the printer they are used with. This is why buying compatible printer inks are a wise consumer choice. There are many ways why using compatible printer ink cartridges can be beneficial.

The main reason that using compatible printer ink cartridges and inkjet refill kits appeals to many consumers is that it will save you money. Individuals will find that more often than not a compatible printer ink cartridge will be less of an expense than the purchase a replacement printer ink cartridge from a printer manufacturer. Inkjet refill kits is also a great money saving option for consumer printer owners that may be on a budget or those that just like saving some money. An ink refill kit can greatly extend the life of a printer ink cartridge if the cartridge is refilled before the ink cartridge is completely empty.

Another great benefit to purchasing an inkjet refill kit or a compatible printer in cartridge is that they are extremely easy to purchase. The quality of the print job a compatible printer ink cartridge can provide you with is another great reason to use compatible printer inks. If you have purchased a good quality compatible printer ink the quality of the print work should be equal to an ink cartridge purchase from a printer manufacturer.

If you are an ecologically conscious consumer you will appreciate that compatible printer ink cartridges and ink refill kits decrease the amount of solid waste dumped into landfills each year as the can be reused several times. Also if you wish to purchase compatible printer ink cartridges or refill kits in bulk if you buy a good quality ink you will not have to worry about the future print jobs you printer will produce as the ink should store quite well. This option is can be found to be a real money saver with a lot of consumers.

There are very few models of printers that will not work with compatible inkjet printers so you would not have to worry about limited choice when looking into buying a printer you can use compatible printer inks with. Deciding to use compatible printer ink cartridges instead of replacement ink cartridges from a manufacturer can provide you with high quality print work at a much more reasonable price. So keep all of this useful information about compatible printer inks in mind as soon as you begin shopping for a new printer or your current printer is in need of new ink.

Compatibles really are worth a go, so do not let past experiences hold you back, third party cartridges have advanced hugely in the past few years, with outstanding quality and reliability now being seen across hundreds of models.

While all of these tips can help you save money on printing, the biggest money saver of all is buying compatible ink and toner cartridges. You can buy new OEM cartridges, if you want, or buy third party new, reused, or refill kits.

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