Home Interview “We know India is a big market with lots of opportunities. Soon we will be entering Indian market in a big way”

“We know India is a big market with lots of opportunities. Soon we will be entering Indian market in a big way”

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Aicon, started in 2006, is a China-based provider of compatible toner cartridges, compatible ink cartridges, inks, printer heads, CISS, printer ribbon, etc. Simone Rong, General Manager, Zhuhai Aicon Image Co, Ltd, shares with Imaging Solution, “We have different products for different countries. We have the proprietary compatible cartridges for Japanese and US markets. Similarly we have separate products for European and US markets. For Indian market, we have the tailor-made solutions to meet the full range.”



Aicon offers a wide range of quality printer consumables: Compatible and remanufactured laser toner cartridges, Compatible Copier toner kits, Compatible and remanufactured inkjet cartridges, Refillable inkjet cartridges, CISS, Bulk inks an refill kits, Printer Ribbons, etc. Aicon lives by the motto of “Striving for Perfection”. Aicon is comprised of experienced engineers and technicians, advanced technological equipments, a heavy investment in the R&D sector, expert and skilful sales, marketing and logistics teams. Aicon is committed to offering premium quality products, a tailor-made service at a competitive price and a secure and trustworthy delivery timescale to all its clients.

Aicon is a creative company who are able to provide tailor-made solution more than a traditional manufacturing. Aicon is always actively looking for new partners and brand representatives worldwide. The company’s main objective is to seek long term relationship with partners and clients, to propagate the Aicon brand and philosophy and finally to satisfy the clients’ and partners’ needs through excellent customer service.

Aicon is yet to enter Indian market and we are looking for a good partner. Simone Rong clarifies, “We like the Indian market which is a big market and it has a great potential for us. We are looking for long-term business in India where we want to establish our brand IAicon. We are looking for a local partner who can develop and establish our brand across India. If the partner has their own brand, then also we can consider him where he can promote our brand along with his brand. In consultation with the partner, we will develop our promotion and marketing strategy. We can give all kinds of support to the partner—quality product, competitive price, warranty, promotion material (for displaying in exhibitions & other appropriate places) and marketing support. Right now we want the partner to be our IAicon agent.”

At present in India customers are looking more and more for compatibles because they are more convenient and less expensive. Simone Rong concludes, “We have our own factory in China. We manufacture 300,000 toner cartridges and 4,000,000 inkjet cartridges per month. We are about to launch in India and within a few years we want to be among top five in India.”

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