SPLASHJET Aims to Expand their Exports and Strengthen Domestic Position Further by...

SPLASHJET Aims to Expand their Exports and Strengthen Domestic Position Further by Providing World Class Inks


Splashjet Inkjet Ink Pvt Ltd, based out of Nagpur, Maharashtra, specializes in manufacturing water-based Inkjet inks since 2006. Splashjet offers a comprehensive range of specialized inkjet inks such as sublimation inks, DTG ink, compatible ink for large format printers (LFPs) & plotters, replacement inks for desktop printers, digital textile pigment inks, and inks for various industrial applications. The company provides its products under its brand name SplashJet. In an interaction with Imaging Solution magazine, Mr. Prashant Dongare, National Head (Desktop ink Segment), Splashjet, share their company’s policy, product strategy, and manufacturing plans.

Q. What was your business experience during the pandemic?

The initial phase of pandemic in 2020 was full of uncertainties regarding business. However, we coped up with the challenges very well. Pandemic provided good opportunities to the businesses which are quick to adapt to remote work and managing operations with limited resources. We have very good demand for the past 6-8 months from home segment due to increasing trends of Work From Home and Study From Home. With increased printing volumes and ink consumption, we saw a huge demand for our inks.

Q. What new ink products have you launched recently?

Recently, we launched Splashjet inks for Canon CI 70 with OEM compatible packaging. Besides we have also launched a range of high-performance pigment inks for Epson Workforce Series production machines such as L15160, Workforce 5790, etc. For the Textile industry, we have launched the pigment inks for DTF (Direct To Film) applications. We have also launched a compatible ink solution for Epson F570 Sublimation printers. Splashjet has invested a lot to provide superior ink products quality as well as attractive and strong packaging. This gave our customers a better product experience.

Q. What opportunity do you see in Make in India? What are your plans in this regard?

I think the ecosystem is maturing for Make In India. The government’s continued emphasis and facilitation are indeed a huge boost for the Make In India. At Splashjet, we are offering world-class inks to our customers. We have also successfully developed key technologies to prepare the color concentrates required for making inks. We have plans to invest in the next generation ink development and testing systems, which will help us increase our footprint as a global player.

Q. What is your growth and progress in ink exports? What are your future plans?

We are seeing very encouraging responses across our product segments in the export market. Our inks are being actively used in more than 55 countries globally. Recently, we have added authorized distribution partners in Turkey & the Philippines. We have plans to increase the presence in global markets. For domestic markets, we will keep offering more and more ink products as a leading manufacturer of inkjet inks in India. We will continue to launch new products from time to time, depending on the market requirements.