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“We are No 3 toner provider globally and want to become No. 1 color toner provider in India”

by Imaging Solution Bureau
tti raymondchi

tti raymondchiTrend Tone Imaging, Inc (TTI) was incepted in 1990 in Hsinchu Science Park as the first independent toner manufacturer in Taiwan. The toner market is based on the derived demand. The global shifts in demand centers; the evolving new technologies; restructuring in the markets globally; and the increasing demand for higher quality monochrome and colored toners are driving the changes that continue to dominate the toner market today.

Overall, the market for toner and toner-related materials is expected to expand further, boosted by the added demand from the fast growing color applications. Keeping in tune with the market demand and expectations of the consumers, TTI endeavors to provide world class toners for the global markets. In 2007, TTI was QC080000 IECQ HSPM Certificated.

“We focus on R&D, manufacturing and marketing of toners for copiers and laser printers. The company is now distinguished as one of the largest toner manufacturers in the world. Today, TTI leads in manufacturing high quality compatible toners for copiers and laser printers,” said, Frank Chu, Assistant Director (Sales Division), TTI. Besides their current 10,000 metric ton capacity per year, TTI plans to install production lines in the near future to further expand their toner production capacity to meet the increasing demand worldwide.

“We have a toner manufacturing unit in Taiwan with 6000 metric ton capacity and another in China with 4000 metric ton capacity, making a total of 10,000 metric tons of toner production per year, which makes us No. 3 printer toner manufacturer in the world. And we have a strong R&D and QC setup to support our production. We have compatible toners for Samsung, Canon, HP and Ricoh; and universal toners for HP and Samsung. For Canon, we have a very good product IR8600/GP605 and color toners for HP and Samsung,” said, Raymond Chi, Manager, Sales Division, TTI.

“The most important part of a toner is quality consistency and we maintain toner consistency through our strict quality control which most other non-OEM providers cannot provide. We have been working with our partners very closely for the past several years. They visit our production facilities to have firsthand experience of what we are doing and witness our R&D system and QC methods. We explain our partners how our technology and processes ensure the best quality toners. Everything is very transparent to them and that makes them confident about our system and helps them in convincing the downline partners. One technology that is making impact right now is the round toner particles that give better imprint. We are upgrading our facilities in this direction. We have been working very hard in the Indian market for the past few years,” added, Raymond.

“We also focus on the developing compatible toners used in MFPs and other laser printers for the existing market; further, we also provide toners for color laser printers and high speed printers. Currently, we are researching on the next generation toners for the future needs of the global markets,” added Frank.

TTI listens to the voices of the customers attentively and understands their real needs before launching a product. TTI is focusing sincerely on developing new products that increase the value we offer our customers; on providing professional services to solve customers’ problems; on performing fact-based analyses; on continuous process improvements; and on managing hazardous substances and producing green products.

In order to meet customers’ requirements and needs of the worldwide, TTI decided to invest huge amounts to set up a new production line in Taiwan, especially for color toner.
“We want to partner with Indian vendors and distributors on long-term basis. We are also emphasizing on brand promotion activities and capturing good market share in India since we have a huge expectation from the Indian market,” said, Frank.

“Presently, we have two distributors in India: Aryan and Sumanglam. For now, we are going to focus on these two distributors. Indian market is very price-sensitive where we have positioned certain quality products at reasonable prices. Also we are focusing on some high-end products for certain segments which are less price-sensitive. In our next stage, we are going to launch a brand awareness program in India. We are aiming at 20%-25% market share in India which is a reasonable target. We see events like Imaging Solution Awards Night as good platforms for our brand promotion and we are looking forward to more such platforms. Soon we are launching some new color toner products for Canon and Ricoh. We have a very good experience, supported by a strong R&D team, for making color toners. We are confident about our quality in this segment. We want to be No. 1 provider of color toner in India in the coming years. Toner is our most important product, but we also want to add carrier,” concluded, Raymond.

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