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“We are starting in a small way and want to grow steadily upwards in the coming years, which is better than starting big and then disappearing”

by Imaging Solution Bureau

uninet nestorUniNet, founded in 1995, is a US-based manufacturer and solutions provider to OEMs and remanufacturers. UniNet’s products include printer toners, chips, LaserJet, MFP, copier and cartridge recycling components.

UniNet offers, under its umbrella, a wide and complete range of products which include Absolute Black toners, Absolute Color toners, Absolute MICR toners, wiper & doctor blades, cartridge parts, coatings & chemicals, copier &MFP cartridges, drums, drums copier, ink cartridge parts, inks, MAG, DVR & PCR rollers, packaging UniNet, seals, ASiC Smartchips, specials, toner cartridges, tools & machines, X-generation black toners, X-generation color toners, etc, among others. Though Uninet is No 3 globally, in India their share is nominal. Now they are planning to make it big in India.

Concerning their productline and target segments, Nestor Saporiti, President of UniNet Imaging INC, “UniNet in general provides non-HP toners, HP color toners, toners for all new HP models M800, M806, new Lexmark chips, Lexmark toners, toners for Brother 750 and 780 and more. Wemake products that can be used with OEM parts. In India, our main focus is on refillers and remanufacturers. We have 1 kilo, high quality toner bottles for refilling. It just costs 1 or 2 dollars to refill a cartridge.”

UniNet’s presence and growth in India have not been consistent. In this regard, Nestor comments, “We had the problem of getting the right partner. Most Indian customers need local support such as local distributors. Now we have appointed Imaging Solutions of Bangalore as our Indian partner, and he seems to be serious. We hope he will revive the fortunes of UniNet within a few years time. In India, we are starting in a small way and then want to grow steadily upwards. It is better than starting big and then disappearing. We give all the technical and training support to our distributor.”

Uninet has a state-of-the-art automated production facility that employs cutting edge manufacturing technology to provide premium quality products. Their team of expert technicians endeavors to provide consistent and accurate quality. Efficient production and timely output are other focal points of UniNet.

Regarding focus product segments, Nestor asserts, “Our target will be the recycled OEM products of Samsung and Konica cartridges, besides others. Our toner works with aftermarket drum, OEM drum and also without drum. Now we are making many universal toners where the same toner works for different cartridges, say for instance, for HP1005, HP1505, HP127 and so on.”
UniNet’s production system is backed by expert R&D teams who keep abreast with the latest industry-dominating technology to offer the best customized services to the clients. UniNet has a vast and varied industry experience that enables fast and efficient custom product development to cater to the clients’ requirements.

Regarding philosophy and ethics, UniNet guides its clients thru personalized relationships. They care their clients by fulfilling the clients’ needs thru consistently delivering superior service, premium quality and innovative solutions and thru providing the complete range of products by fast and efficient delivery. Uninet strives hard to be a pro-recycling, pro-environment and socially responsible company.

Color printing, though forms only a fraction of the print volumes at present, is growing rapidly. Regarding color segments, Nestor briefs, “Color is an important segment for us. Right now monochrome forms a major portion of the print market in India. I think in 2 yrs from now, color is going to surpass monochrome. We have several color toners that work for OEM cartridges.”
Uninet offers its clients comprehensive technical support service. Globally they conduct regular technical road shows to continuously provide the industry and the partners with education and hands-on training about their products and solutions.

Each industry has its own challenges and, in addition to that, each company has its own challenges. In this regard, Nestor shares, “The biggest challenge for us is expanding distribution and logistics and making the products available. The growth of compatibles is another problem affecting our business. To deal with this, now we are also focusing on recyclable compatibles segment. Labor in India is very economical—that is an advantage for us. We want to train 1000 remanufacturers. Now we have a wider product portfolio including copier and inkjet products.”

In the present market scenario of cut-throat competition, a company which has no defined goals and defined roadmap to reach those goals cannot survive. In this regard, Nestor concludes, “As I have already mentioned, compared to our previous condition now we have a much broader product portfolio. We are No 3 globally. In India also we want to be among the top 3 in future. We do not want to settle for anything less than that.”

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