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“We believe strong long-term relationships can be established with clients”

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Itone strives to deliver the same quality and performance as the OEM’s at a substantial savings to customers and considered as the most effective alternative to the expensive OEM toners, as well as the flood of sub-par, unreliable toners and cartridges available on the market today. In an interaction with Sandeep Sanghvi, Director, Itone (India) Pvt. Ltd. about the itone brand and future plans.

How Itone brand is performing in the Indian imaging market?
We feel we are doing pretty well considering the fact that we sell our products across most of the major states in the country.

How do you see the Indian market for cartridge re-manufacturing and refilling industry?

As the Indian market moves up more in the value chain, the demand for quality and superior products has been increasing. We are a country of 1.34 billion people. I only see increase in demand. The aftermarket imaging industry has just scratched the surface in terms of market potential.

In comparison to major print vendors how effective is your aftermarket solution?

We offer compatible materials as well as components and raw materials for copiers, printers and multifunctional devices. We believe in transparency and fair business and do not make empty declarations and promises. We are constantly improving our services and internal procedures. We are continuously increasing our product range to offer the best solutions to our clients. For us, our clients are our partners and we value relationships. We support our clients and do not compete with them. We do not sell retail or to end users.

According to you what might the evolution path look like in India as well as globally?

We see a convergence in the A4 and A3 segments. We strongly believe color is the future and future prints will be moreover color. We also will see the Indian Imaging Industry as a whole getting more organized. The domestic Indian market still has a lot of growth potential. There is a lot of export potential from India due to the high skill levels available and lower labor costs. But we feel this is sometime away once the Indian imaging industry evolves and matures further. Globally, we should see more mergers and acquisitions taking place.

 What are the major challenges before you in increasing sales and how are you addressing these challenges?

 What we have seen and experienced is that clients are not being given correct information by unscrupulous traders and vendors who are just trying to make quick money. This has eroded customer perception of the aftermarket imaging industry. We strongly believe in honesty and education; and by sharing information, we believe strong long-term relationships can be established with clients.

Can we look forward to any more surprises in the near future for the itone brand?

 Let us all together create an open and transparent marketplace. It is fair for the business and good for the customers.

What are your company’s long-term goals?

To offer our products to more clients every year and increasing our product range continuously to offer the best solutions to our clients. At the same time, to continuously improve our services and internal procedures.

What are the USP of Itone brands?

 Trust, Integrity and Commitment.

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