Home Interview “We strive to maintain the No.1 status of Aryan Brand in India and continue to bring latest solutions to the industry”

“We strive to maintain the No.1 status of Aryan Brand in India and continue to bring latest solutions to the industry”

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Today, women leaders are excelling in every field, from the IT industry to, corporate world to the film industry. Women are proven to balance their personal lives and professional lives better than men in several ways. Ms. Tanya Goel joined the ATWPL (Aryan Trade World Pvt Ltd) as Vice President in 2009. Her keen business sense and innovative approach supported and guided by her father (Sunil Goel, Chairman, ATWPL) helped to take the Aryan brand, image, and supply network to new levels. In an interaction with Imaging Solution Magazine, Tanya Goel, VP, ATWPL, share their company’s outlook, values, and roadmap.

Ms. Tanya Goel shares, “When I took over as VP in 2009, I realized we had very good marketing team and office staff but they lacked proper guidance, orientation, and motivation. Then I made it a point to give them the right training so they would be able to promote and perform well. Another shortcoming I noticed was we were focusing more on good products but less on brand building. Then I started focusing on Aryan brand building which is as important as providing a wide range of high-quality products. As part of brand building, we started participating in all the trade-related expos and events, wherever held in India, and also promoted in different media aggressively. Recently, we launched several new cartridge models compatible with the latest printers. We also continually improve our copier toner quality based on the feedback we get from our partners and users. Overall, we see today Aryan brand positioned strongly than it was a decade ago.”

Today, Ms. Tanya Goel’s actively involved in Accounting, Marketing, HR, and Public Relations in the company. Driven by the motto, ‘Quality is our Passion,’ currently, Aryan is a leading provider of imaging consumables including all types of laser and photocopier toner powders, all models of laser toner cartridges, and parts. Aryan is also an authorized distributor for TTI (Trend Tone Imaging) and Chinamate. Aryan maintains high availability, excellent after-sales service, and prompt delivery.

“Pandemic has negatively affected almost every industry. To minimize the impact of the pandemic, we keep in continuous contact with our partners via phone and keep our business operations running without disruption. We import toners from TTI (Taiwan) so hence the import duty imposed on black toners by the government is a good development for us. It has reduced the unpleasant competition from the low-quality cheap toners from China,” adds Ms. Tanya Goel.

Being an ambitious, simple living, and high thinking, Ms. Tanya Goel tries to strike the right balance between her personal life with professional responsibilities. Ms. Tanya Goel observes, “I try to maintain a harmonious balance between my personal life and private life—neither should suffer as a result of the other. I am doing a Ph.D. in business management to up my business knowledge. I also try to keep myself mentally and physically fit by practicing yoga and workout for an hour every day without fail. For me, personal life and official responsibilities, both are equally important.”

Aryan’s business philosophy lays stress on absolute customer satisfaction by offering users cost-effective and integrated solutions. Aryan also launches regular partner-friendly incentive schemes to keep their motivation high.

Regarding how they motivate their partners, Ms. Tanya Goel explains, “We are a partner-driven company and partner’s morale and trust are very important for us. We regularly launch motivation schemes for our partners so that they can sell well and improve their bottom line. We try to minimize our own margins and transfer as much benefit to our partners as possible. We give our partners regular technical information and training and update them about the availability of products, etc. We manage our stocks in an efficient manner, minimizing overstocks and under stocks.”

Talking about her message to partners and employees during the pandemic, Ms. Tanya Goel shares, “My message to partners and every fellow Indian is all should follow the Covid-19 safety guidelines such as maintaining social distance, wearing masks, traveling only when essential, getting vaccinated as soon as possible, etc so that we can defeat this pandemic soon. We have asked our employees to work from home to the extent possible and we also reduced the office working hours for those employees whose work cannot be performed from homes.”

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