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We will do our best to build a communication platform for the printer consumables industry

by Imaging Solution Bureau

RemaxAsia28-12-12RemaxAsia Expo aims to build a platform for businesses in the region to develop their international markets and build their corporate image. Their aim to help build a community for businesses in the region to develop the imaging industry as a whole.RemaxAsia Expo also creates a great opportunity for international -companies to penetrate further into the fast-growing Chinese market, or to find the right outsourcing partners from the region.


The first RemaxAsia Expo held in Zhuhai was in 2007. Since then, the show has experienced rapid growth. Now the fourth innings of the show is ready to roll. In this context NCN Imaging solution discuss with Tony Lee, Publisher & Managing Director: Recycling Times Magazine & RemaxAsia Expo and Vice Chairman of Zhuhai Printer Consumables Industry Association about the aim of the event and its future plan. Excerpts of the interview:

Zhuhai is the manufacturing center of printer consumables; there are about 300 manufacturers in Zhuhai. And within two hours of drive, there are over 600 manufacturers located in the cities of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan etc. These manufacturers produce various products for the printer supplies industry, for example, ink, blades, chips, cartridges, equipments etc. With years of development, a comprehensive supply chain is established. Visitors to RemaxAsia can visit the facilities of their supplies to understand their operations, compare the quality, and then place order. This “booth at front, factory at back” model is unique to RemaxAsia. It also provides a one-stop solution for visitors.

How RemaxAsia Expo is important for cartridge remanufacturing and refilling industry?
RemaxAsia Expo is held in Zhuhai China, where is known as the “Capital of Printer Consumables”, because this is the area where you will find the largest number of manufacturers of various printer supplies products and parts. A lot of key players in the industry chose RemaxAsia Expo, such as Static Control, Future Graphics, Ninestar, Print-Rite, OCP, Jadi, TUICO etc. In addition, 225 exhibitors out of the 350 chose RemaxAsia Expo as the only trade show to attend in Asia Pacific region. Besides trade show, there are a lot of different events during this time to provide the latest industry information for the industry, including the Global Remanufacturing Industry General Assembly, a series of seminars and workshops, Print-Rite Innovation Awards, etc. Many exhibitors choose to reveal their latest products at this trade show, which show the latest technology in the industry.

How the 4th RemaxAsia Expo is different from your other past shows?
Greater influence: With four year of making, RemaxAsia Expo has grown in to the largest professional trade show for the aftermarket printer supplies. The influence of RemaxAsia Expo has increased over the years. As the show grows larger, it has also won wider recognition from the industry as well as the Chinese government. In May 2010, was listed as one of five international trade shows among the Top 500 Key Projects in Modern Industry of Guangdong Province of China. Larger Scale With four years development, in 2010 RemaxAsia Expo will take the place of the largest professional trade show in the world for printer supplies industry of the year, covering an area of 23,000 square meters. Compared with the show in 2009, the show floor space has increased 50% and the number of exhibitors has increased 20%. More new exhibitors: by July 28, there are 128 new exhibitors at RemaxAsia Expo. Because RemaxAsia Expo has gained more importance, more exhibitors increased investment in this event and increased the size of their booths. Over 80 exhibitors reserved 36sqm or larger booths. This number has grown 70.2%.

The Global Remanufacturing Industry General Assembly (GRIGA) is the first time for the trade associations, industry media and business to convene at an international level. This event is initiated by Recycling Times. GRIGA is also supported by international and regional trade associations, industry media, businesses and governments in China, Europe, India, Russia, UK, USA etc. J.D. Dassani, on behalf of ICRRA, will give an update about the industry in the India to all the audience from around the world.

Do you think this show is relevant for the Indian cartridge remanufacturing and refilling industry? Please justify?
Every year, RemaxAsia Expo welcomes many Indian visitors. This is a good chance for Indian remanufacturers to get the latest industry information. And it will be a good chance for others gets to know Indian companies.

How many new visitors will be added in your fourth show and what is your expected footfall?
We expect 8000 visitors from around the world will visit RemaxAsia Expo this year. From the current registration, we have re-visitors but also quite a large number of new exhibitors.

What are your future plans?
“By the industry, for the industry” is the motto of our company. We will make continuous efforts to improve our publications Recycling Times and our events. We will do our best to build a communication platform for the printer consumables industry. We are glad the Recycling Times has become one of the most influential publications in China. And the English edition of Recycling Times starts to attract more attention and bringing more benefits to the industry.

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