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Avision Plans to Launch New Innovative Printing Solutions and Strengthen their Channel Network in India

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Avision is a global brand of Taiwan-based Fujisan Technologies Ltd, established in 2004, that provides cutting-edge printing and imaging solutions. Currently, Avision is in the process of
establishing their products and brand, launching new printing solutions, and strengthening their channel network in the Indian market. In an interaction with Imaging Solution, Arshpreet,
Manager – Technical Sales, Avision India, shares their brand principles, focus, market strategy and future plans for the Indian market.

Q. How Avision faring in the printing solution space?

A. Avision has over 26 years of design and sales experience with the office equipment. Our goal has always been to provide complete input & output imaging solutions. Our products which combine network scanning and file sharing enhance the printer’s ability to achieve network copying capabilities. With most popular cloud solutions, such as cloud image processing server,
text recognition, and file management search engine in demand, Avision is able to provide truly simple & user-friendly operation procedures. For most of MFP providers, the core concept is
always about how to enable the user to print more. Avision, on the other hand, is focusing more on digitization and customer service. We are planning to establish a service center with local partners who have good reputation and experience to provide quality services in the near future.

Q. What innovations the Avision’s self-service copier (SSC) brings to the users?

A. Avision is a world’s leading imaging company that designs and provides image scanners and multifunction printers, and has launched world’s first self-service copier (SSC) that makes it easier and convenient for users to Copy, Print and Pay. This innovative device helps in mobile printing, cloud printing, USB printing and ID card copying. It is a multi-function product integrating mobile pay and copy/mobile print features into a single unit. Without the need for any device or personnel, one can access all the services from Avision SSC’s touch screen panel.
To meet the ever-growing demand of mobile pay, we have innovated Avision SSC to make online payment, copying and printing easier for the users in a self-service environment. It is
ideal for school campuses, libraries, hotels and hospitality businesses, retail stores, copy and print shops to name a few. Avision SSC offers users a more convenient and secure way to pay and access services: It allows the user to copy/print at any time of the day; reduces the administrative costs to handle payment problem; enables the users to pay online, thereby,
reducing the need of cash in hand; and helps the users to print directly from the portable devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. For instance, Avision SSC’s user interface is very simple and easy to understand and use.

Q. How Avision plans to strengthen its market position in the printing space?

A. Avision as a brand has always come up with new ideas and unique features which make us stand out in the market. From time to time, our hardware and software R&D team comes up with new and innovative solutions to fulfill customer requirements. Through our local service centers, we work to win the trust of our local partners and this helps us to grow in the
competitive markets.

Q. What are your initiatives regarding the Smart cities program?

A. The smart cities mission is an innovative and new initiative by the Government of India to drive economic growth and improve the quality of life of people by enabling local development and harnessing technology as a means to create smart outcomes for citizens. Avision is planning to install its SSCs in residential and commercial societies where people can fulfill their printing
needs within their own complex. The objective of the smart cities program, in essence, is to promote cities that provide core infrastructure to give a decent quality of life to the citizens, a
clean and sustainable environment and application of smart solutions. Avision SSC will be helpful in keeping the environment clean as local residents don’t have to buy printers for their occasional needs. They can just share a machine that is easily accessible to them. Our focus is on sustainable and inclusive development and the idea is to create print area models that can
be replicated in other cities. In future, Avision will be coming up with more innovative products that will ideally fit into the smart cities.

Q. How is Avision focused on providing printing solutions that help to boost customers’ businesses and drive their revenues?

A. The unique features of our products give us edge to gain the trust of enterprise users. At the same time, we also cooperate with the local, experienced companies to provide customization service for the enterprise customers. We work with the local SIs to provide complete integrated document solutions. Also, our prices are very competitive as compared to the market. Our products with good price and advanced specs also give advantage
to the partners while approaching the customers. We not only manufacture printing machines but also provide end-to-end printing solutions and our technical teams are quite competent in
doing customizations for the special requirement of the customers.

Q. What new printing solutions can we expect from Avision and what are your plans for

A. We have a strong R&D team and manufacturing plants, which allow developing more creative products in association with the local partners. We can provide flexible combinations on the hardware for local customers. Avision is also ready to work with partners to help them in their promotion strategies or campaigns, so that it will create win-win solution for both sides.The printer market is a competitive market, and so Avision is looking for innovative ways to provide more integrated solutions. We want to cooperate with local partners in more flexible ways–not just to promote Avision brand, but also our ODM and to enter into joint ventures to create cooperative brands. In the first-tier cities, distribution channels will be established and maintenance systems will be set up to provide after-sales services. Due to the different
characteristics of the markets in various regions of India, in the first phase we will focus on the B2B market, especially mid-size companies. Avision will offer several promotion programs in
order to gain the trust of enterprise users. At the same time, we will also cooperate with local experienced companies to provide localization and customization service for enterprise customers, and work with local SI companies to provide complete integrated document solutions. Our customization services will also give new opportunities for our local Indian partners to build up and promote their unique selling points.

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