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Blue Streak Plans to Launch Color Toners & Cartridges and Expand Distribution Network

by Imaging Solution Bureau
Ajay Mehta (Blue Streak)

Pristine Care Products Pvt Ltd, based out of Mumbai and founded in 1998, provides a wide range of printing consumables, accessories and solutions under their brand name Blue Streak. With over 100 different products to offer under numerous lines, Blue Streak provides consumables for a wide gamut of printer brands and their models. Mr. Ajay Mehta (Managing Director), Pristine Care Products (Blue Streak brand), shares their brand philosophy, marketing strategy and future plans.

Mr. Ajay Mehta comments, “Our USPs are we have a wide range of products to meet the requirements of different branded machines and their models and we provide products of international quality at Indian prices. All our products deliver what our specs promise. We import raw materials and components from globally reputed manufacturers from China and other countries. We have a dedicated team of professionals who strive to provide products with the latest technology and world class quality! During lockdown our business went down significantly, but now we have reached pre-lockdown levels and looking forward to good business in 2021.”

Blue Streak’s wide product portfolio includes laser, toner cartridges, toner powders, toner cartridge parts, OPC drums, for a wide range of models and brands. Blue Streak also provides printing media like photo glossy paper, tracing paper, tracing paper, etc in different permutations of sizes and quantity, making sure that there is always a best fit for the customer’s requirement!

Mr. Ajay Mehta shares, “We, as a team, have managed to shape our product offerings in a manner which is not only cost-effective, superior in quality and far more reliable that products offered by OEMs. Blue Streak’s R&D team works in tandem with industry specialists, in developing Blue Streak products and solutions. We maintain long-term relations based on trust and transparency. Blue Streak customizes their offerings to suit the Indian users’ requirements.”

Today, Blue Streak is fast emerging as one of the leading brands in the imaging aftermarket industry. The brand strives to provide the latest technologies and advancements in the printing industry as soon as they are launched in the global markets, ensuring that customers’ needs are met with topmost priority! Blue Streak follows strict quality control procedures and aims to maintain international standards, backed by an advanced R&D department.

Mr. Ajay Mehta concludes, “Anti-dumping duty imposed by the govt a few months back has pushed up the prices of black toners a bit up. As for the black toners available from the Indian toner manufacturers is concerned, getting toners for a wide range of printer brands and models is still a problem. Overall we are growing at a good annual growth rate and we have customers all over India. We have a wide and strong supply channel and dedicated channel partners spread across India and our customers come from all corners of India. In the near future, we are going to add several new products to our productline, increase our brand visibility and enhance the reach of our distribution system. We want to establish Blue Streak as one of the leading brands in the Indian aftermarket imaging industry.”

Talking about future plans, Mr Ajay Mehta concludes, “Currently we are focusing on strealiming whatever we have been doing and improve services. However, we want to expand our channel network further and penetrate into new regions. We also want to launch color toners and color toner cartridges this year. Next, so far we have not been into providing inkjet inks, but now we are planning to launch inks later in 2021 or in early 2022.”

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