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Despite the challenges, we did pretty well in 2020, and now we are back to business on full-scale

by Imaging Solution Bureau

GREENLAM OFFICE SOLUTIONS, founded in 2015 in New Delhi, is one of the most trusted organizations in the Imaging Industry for wholesaling, importing, trading and supplying a large array of Office Supplies. Under the able-guidance of Gaurav Khetterpal, an MBA from University of Wales UK, GREENLAM has come a long way, starting with Lamination Machines and Laminating Pouch Films, and later on widening their product range adding Inkjet Photopaper, PVC Card Material Products, Spiral Binding Machines, Laser Toner Cartridges and more. In an interaction with Imaging Solution magazine, Gaurav Khetterpal, Director, Greenlam Office Solutions, shares their company’s policy, brand strategy and future plans.

Q. How was your business in 2020? How is your laminators segment faring?
The year 2020 had been a rollercoaster ride for us. We were one of the few companies who gave 100% salaries to all our staff while they were in lockdown. Our Growlam team needed that support and motivation in those tough times. Our lamination business has been our main strength and it saved us to float during this period. We did fairly well, considering the circumstances we were in. From July 2020 onwards we had started our operations with full workforce. Due to increase in the cost of freight overseas and raw materials, we had to increase our prices too, and our channel partners were supportive during these times.

Q. What impact does the imposition of anti-dumping duty on black toners has on the industry in general and on your business in specific?
Anti-dumping duty has actually widen the price gap between the imported toner and locally manufactured toner. We are already into talks with new collaborations abroad and redesigning our strategy on how to overcome this barrier.

Q. What are the latest trends and challenges in the Imaging Industry? How are you reacting to them?
Most companies faced financial crunch during 2020 and many companies started doing business on cash and carry basis, and credit sales have reduced post covid. Also, most of the clients now prefer buying 3-4 times a month, rather than buying together at one go.

Q. How many channel partners do you have now and how are you motivating your partners?
We have a sales channel in most of the cities, majorly in North and East India. This year, we have recruited new experienced Sales executives and managed to penetrate our brand in the North eastern region, West and South India, creating new channel partners. Demand today is originating from rural areas, where there is a lot of scope. Our channel partners have been supporting us since beginning, and we have been consistently providing them support in terms of price and quality. We keep on launching new schemes on our products to motivate the partner.

Q. What are your future plans and what new products are you going to launch in 2021?
As I said, this year has seen many ups and downs, but as we say all’s well that ends well. We have been able to cover up 80% of our target sales despite one non-performing quarter. We will take a call on new product launch, after this financial year closes. But definitely, we need to keep adding new products, create value products for our customers and make our brand bigger and better.

Q. What is your message to the partners?
I would like to congratulate our Growlam partners for achieving their quarterly targets and giving us the best sales in the last two quarters. I also thank our Growlam team who have been travelling without fear and continuously supporting our partners. We, Growlam family, will keep growing bigger and bigger, and will continue to strive for more achievements in 2021.

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