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Imaging Solution Recognizes the ‘Rising Regional Brands, Rising Traders, Rising Regional Partners’ at the 9th Imaging Solution Conclave

by Imaging Solution Bureau

During the Imaging Solution Conclave, Imaging Solution decided to recognize the ‘Rising Regional Brands, Rising Traders, Rising Regional Traders’ who play a key role in running the imaging industry at the local and also at the national level by giving them recognition certificates. The following partners have been awarded recognition certificates.

Rising Regional Brands

These brands are active at the regional levels covering one or more states. Some of them are also making effort to expand to other states. These brands do play a key role in serving the local customers.


The following are the rising traders recognized by Imaging Solution They have been active at the local level and some of them at the national levels.

Rising Regional Partners

The following are the regional partners who are recognized by Imaging Solution for being active in wholesaling and retailing at the regional levels.

To Sum Up

We congratulate and thank all the above partners for attending the Imaging Solution Conclave to make the event interesting and engaging. We will the best of luck to them, growth, and success in their future efforts. It is pleasure for us to recognize them who are the pillars of the Imaging Industry. We wish these recognitions will motivate them to perform better and to take the industry forward at the micro and also at the macro levels.

The 9th Imaging Solution Achiever Awards Night 2022 held on April 20
at Hotel Suryaa in New Delhi concluded on a grand scale.

Tributes: Tributes were paid to the two industry leaders whose recent demise left the imaging industry deeply saddened and lost. A two-minute silence was observed to pray for the peace of the departed souls.

A two-minute silence was observed to pray for the peace of the departed souls.
The inauguration lamp was lighted by the Guests of Honor: Mr. Sharad Midha, President, Sumanglam International;
Mr. Devesh Rastogi, Sr. Vice President (FAIITA); Mr. JC Joshi, Director, OPC Technology Japan; Mr. Puneet Singhal, Founder & Current President of CMDA (New Delhi); Mr. Sukanta Dey and Mr. Swapan Roy

The Significance of the 9th Imaging Solution Achiever Awards Night 2022

Imaging Solution from Roy Mediative Group is a monthly magazine aimed to create awareness about the imaging Industry aftermarket in India and provide an effective interface to disseminate the information regarding technical insights, Industry updates, Marketing Strategies, latest developments, etc the partners. Today, the magazine, with a strong presence in print and online, has evolved into the most trusted source for the critical information needs of the imaging aftermarket and remanufacturing industry.

To give a brief introduction, Roy Mediative Group is a publishing house with its presence in both print and online since 1999. The group publishes magazines 3 reputed magazines: NCN, Mobility, and Imaging Solution. NCN or National Computrade News serves the info needs of the IT industry; Mobility furnishes the industry information needed by the mobility industry, and Imaging Solution caters to info needs of the imaging aftermarket industry.

The Imaging Solution Awards Night 2022: We could not conduct the events in 2020 and 2021 due to the ongoing Covid pandemic. This year with the Covid wave receding and the restrictions being lifted, we decided to conduct the long-awaited event in New Delhi. We received an overwhelming response for all our previous events which we conducted in different metros including Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Delhi in the previous years. This year too, the response from the industry partners has been overwhelming. The very idea behind conducting this Awards Event is to provide a recognition platform for the top-performing individuals, brands, products, and companies for their performances in the year 2021.

Criteria for the Selection of Awardees: To select the deserving performers, we asked the brands to nominate their brands and products, and then we invited the partners to vote for the brands the best according to them. The final selection of performers was decided on the basis of voting, the image of the brand and product in the market, and the opinions of the jury of experts and editors. This year, we received a record number of nominations and also voters.

The inauguration lamp was lighted by the Guests of Honor and imaging industry leaders with the devotional songs being played in the background. The Guests of Honor and the industry leaders present included:

Mr. Sharad Midha, President, Sumanglam International

Mr. Devesh Rastogi, Sr. Vice President (FAIITA)

Mr. JC Joshi, Director, OPC Technology Japan

Mr. Puneet Singhal, Founder & Current President of CMDA (New Delhi).

Imaging Solution Achiever Award

The awardees for the Imaging Solution Achievers Awards category have been selected on the basis of online voting by the partners. First, the leading companies were asked to nominate their brands. Then the partners were asked to vote for their favorite or preferred company and brand. The brand or company which got the highest number of votes was considered for selection. The popularity of the brand in the market and the opinions of the jury of experts were also taken into consideration while deciding the winners.

The Most Trusted Company of 2021 (International) Award: Static Control

Static Control, based out of the USA with over 3 decades of presence in the international markets, develops and manufactures toners, microchips, and components for printer cartridges. Building upon its reputation as the technology and quality leader of aftermarket imaging systems, Static Control brings new levels of stability to the industry through its finished cartridge offerings.

The Best Ink Solution Provider Company of 2021 (International):  G&G (a brand of Ninestar)

G&G, a premium global brand from Ninestar, China, delivers gold standard consumables and professional printing solutions to millions of consumers in over 170 countries. G&G was born to offer high-quality alternatives to the expensive originals to make printing simple, reliable, affordable, and sustainable, through innovation, efficiency, and respect for people.

The Global Leading Compatible Printing Consumables Company of 2021 (International): Ninestar

Ninestar Corporation, a China-based company with two decades of presence in over 150 countries around the world, has a slew of world-famous brands including Lexmark, PANTUM, APEXMIC, G&G, and Static Control. Ninestar’s products include laser printers and consumables, integrated circuit chips, printer core components, etc.

The Best Printer Cartridge Chip Solutions Provider Company of 2021 (International):  Apex Microelectronics

Apex Microelectronics based out of China is the largest manufacturer and solution provider of printer cartridge chips and printer controller SoC in the aftermarket. Apex offers inkjet and toner cartridge chips and cost-saving solutions for worldwide remanufacturers and distributors.

The Best Toner Manufacturer of 2021: Tomoegawa Japan

The Japan-based Tomoegawa is a global leading provider of world-class toner powders including magnetic, non-magnetic, and color toners.

The Best Scanners Provider Company of 2021: Avision

Avision designs manufacture and market a complete range of premium quality, high-performance scanners and key components for multi-function products. Through innovative product development, strategic partnerships, and successful business models, Avision has become a leading supplier of scanners in the industry.

The Best Multifunction Printer Company of 2021: Canon

Canon is a world leader in imaging technologies providing a comprehensive range of sophisticated contemporary digital imaging products and solutions including Digital Production Printers, Large Format Printers, Commercial Printers, Multi-Functional Devices, Managed Document Services, Inkjet & Laser Printers, and more.

The Best Inkjet Printer Company of 2021: Epson

Epson offers a wide range of world-class Inkjet Printers, Inkjet All-in-Ones, Point of Sale Printers, 3LCD Projectors, Scanners, Large Format Printers, Robots, and Dot-Matrix Printers, to address the needs of consumers, homes, businesses, and commercial enterprises.

The Best Laser Printer Company of 2021: HP

HP is a global technology company that delivers a wide range of world-class personal systems, printers, and 3D printing solutions. HP’s digital print solutions help businesses and organizations to increase their efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

Best MPS Solution Provider Company of 2021: Advantis Global

Advantis Global delivers excellent MPS services that give a superior experience. Manned by experienced and qualified professionals, Advantis maintains long-term relationships to offer rewarding results to its clients and partners.

The Best Toner Brand of 2021: ITDL

Indian Toners Developers Ltd (better known as ITDL) is the largest domestic manufacturer of top-quality toner powders for laser printers and copiers in India. ITDL also exports toners to more than 20 countries. ITDL has a wholly-owned subsidiary in the USA called Indian Toners U.S.A. Company.

The Best Quality-Driven Provider of 2021: HCR info Consumables Pvt Ltd

HCR Info Consumables, based in New Delhi, is a reputed national level distributor, Importer, and Manufacturer of imaging products in India. The HCR provides a wide portfolio of products including printer ribbons, OEM and compatible laser toner powders and laser toner cartridges, blades for copiers and laser printers, seal, chips, CISS, etc. HCR provides products in bulk as well as under their own brand name Spin-K. HCR imports products from the reputed manufacturers from abroad. HCR also has its OPC drum manufacturing unit in Bangladesh which is a joint venture. The HCR’s entire range of products is made using premium quality raw materials & components and the latest technology with great precision and compliance with set industrial quality standards. Next, HCR’s high-quality products come at affordable prices and offer excellent performance, trouble-free installation, high durability, and low maintenance costs.

The Best Laminator Brand of 2021: EXCELAM

Excelam (a brand of Atul Automation Pvt Ltd) provides top-class lamination machines, spiral binding machines, paper cutters, etc. Excelam aims to provide the right products to the right customer with the right after-sale-services. 

The Best Solution Provider Company of 2021: Indigo

Indigo Prints Smart Pvt Ltd, founded in Mumbai, is one of the prominent manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, importers, and traders of laser toner cartridges, inkjet printer inks, industrial inkjet printing products, large format inks & cartridges under its brand name Formujet.

The Best Printer Spare Parts Company of 2021: Shree Technologies

Shree Technologies is an importer, supplier, and trader of a wide range of laser printer products & accessories, including printer machine parts, compatible laser cartridges, laser toners, laser printer cartridge chips, OPC drums, etc. Shree Technologies has a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Mumbai for printer parts.

The Make in India Company of 2021: Datalink Industrial Corporation

Datalink Industrial Corporation based out of New Delhi is engaged in manufacturing a wide range of IT consumables including DMP & laserjet cartridges, refilling aids, computer accessories, and peripherals like keyboards, mice, and pen drives, antivirus, etc. product is the famous brand of Datalink Corporation. The company has a large network of branch offices, distributors, and retailers spread across the country.

Lifetime Achievement Award for 2021:  Mr. Govind Patel

Mr. Govind Patel is one of the Founders of Pure Toners & Developers Pvt Ltd (also known as PTDPL) which is one of the largest producers of OEM compatible world-class toners for photocopiers and Multi-Function Printers from India at Vadodara in 2000. Today, PTDPL, under his visionary leadership, develops, manufactures, and provides toners in India and also exports to customers based in the Middle East (UAE), West Asia, South East Asia (ASEAN), South Asia, and Africa. PTDPL’s products are known for their superior performance, dependability, inherent reliability, the optimum value for money, and for offering peak performance. The toners are packed in high-quality material in the form of cartons, pouches, and cartridges, customized as per the needs of the customers. PTDPL procures the raw materials from the world-renowned MNCs to ensure built-in quality.

Young Generation Leader of 2021 Award: Mr. Piyush Ruiwale (of Formujet)

Mr. Piyush Ruiwale (S/o Mr. Shashank Ruiwale), Director, Indigo Prints Smart Private Limited is the next generation leader of Indigo Print Smart Private Limited based in Mumbai, which is a leading Importer, Manufacturer, and Supplier of a wide range of imaging consumables under the brand name – Formujet. Under the able guidance of his father, the young and dynamic
Mr. Piyush Ruiwale initiated several reforms in the company’s operations with an aim to take Formujet to the next level.
Mr. Piyush Ruiwale completed his B.Tech and then joined his father’s business (Formujet) in 2018. With the help of their experienced team and the expert guidance provided by his father and using his own education and insights, Mr. Piyush Ruiwale initiated several changes that streamlined the marketing management, manufacturing, and distribution processes in the company, and improved the communications between the partners and the company that led to an improvement in the RoI and overall satisfaction of the employees.

The awardees for the Imaging Solution Special Awards category have been selected on the basis of the popularity of the brand in the market and the opinions of the jury of experts.

The Best Quality Toner Manufacturer in India of 2021: JIT Enterprises

JIT Enterprises has its corporate office in Mumbai; and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Silvassa Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, about 170 km from Mumbai Airport and 30 km from the Vapi (Gujarat). The company has highly automated and integrated lines of machinery obtained from Alpine Gmbh (Germany) with a production capacity of 600 MT per year from a single line. JIT Enterprises has highly qualified and experienced technical people working for them. JIT Enterprises follows continuous R&D supported by sophisticated laboratory and equipment to bring out toners of the latest standards. JIT Enterprises procures raw materials from US and Japan and does thorough research to bring out toners of international quality. Today, JIT Enterprises is a fast-growing Make in India manufacturer of superior quality toner powders for printers and copiers.

Fast-Growing Indian Imaging Brand of 2021: Itone

Founded by the late Shri Amrit Bhimji Sanghvi, Itone (India) Pvt Ltd is a Mumbai-based provider of a wide range of high-quality compatible consumables and materials for copiers, laser printers, and MFDs. Itone, currently run by Mr. Sandeep Sanghvi (S/o Shri Amrit Bhimji Sanghvi), Managing Director, also offers top quality, highly reliable components and raw materials for remanufacturing and recycling of cartridges. Itone’s tagline is ‘Color does not just add pleasant quality of our products, but it reinforces it.’ Itone’s wide range of high-quality compatible consumables include toners, components for printers and copiers; and also raw materials for remanufacturing and recycling of cartridges. With a pan-India network of loyal partners, Itone has loyal customers spread across India.

The Strongly Established Brand of 2021: Odyssey

Odyssey (the brand of Delhi-based Sumanglam International, led by Mr. Sharad Midha, an MBA from Delhi University) has a wide range of product portfolios including printer & copier toner powders, and toner cartridges, cartridge parts, desktop printer inks, lamination machines, etc under their brand name Odyssey. Odyssey, one of the most reputed aftermarket imaging brands in India, provides top-class lamination machines and consumables. Sumanglam is also a National Distributor for TTI (a Taiwanese brand) for toner powders and Hanp for OPC drums. With a strong dealer network, Sumanglam provides its products all across the country. Odyssey follows strict quality control measures and its products are eco-friendly and deliver the promised yield and consistency.

The Most Promising Brand of 2021: Growlam

Greenlam Office Solutions (brand name – Growlam), based in New Delhi, is one of the most trusted organizations in the Imaging Industry for wholesaling, importing, trading, and supplying a large array of Office Supplies. Mr. Gaurav Khetterpal is an MBA from the University of Wales, UK. The current product portfolio of Growlam includes lamination machines and laminating pouch films, inkjet photo paper, PVC card material products, spiral binding machines, laser toner powders & compatible cartridges, OPC Drums, and more. Growlam has professional and experienced sales teams to reach remote towns. Growlam as a brand is well known in the market today, which people prefer over others due to the consistent quality and customer service it provides. With ‘Premium Quality at Affordable Prices’ as their mantra, Growlam plans to expand into South India in the coming times and aims to grow into one of the top 3 brands for the Office Supplies and Imaging consumables in India.

A Quality Printer Parts Manufacturer of 2021: Sky Enterprises

Sky Enterprises, based in Mumbai, provides copier and printer parts for the models of Canon, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Sharp, and Kyocera; and printer parts for Canon, Epson, HP, Samsung, and Brother. Sky’s compatible products are highly regarded for consistency and durability. The company has a well-equipped manufacturing facility with high-capacity machines.

The Best Fuser Film Manufacturer of 2021: Pana Corporation

Based out of Faridabad (Haryana), Pana Corporation is an Indian manufacturer and a leading exporter of fuser films, grids, thermistors, gold-plated corona wires, web rollers, sensors, etc. Pana has three factories and a huge R&D center with state-of-the-art facilities. Most products manufactured by Pana are sold to OEMs worldwide.

The Fastest Growing Printer Brand of 2021: Pantum

Pantum is a Global OEM printer manufacturer of laser printer consumables and printing solutions. Pantum owns the core technology to develop, manufacture, market, and sell laser printers, consumables, and printing solutions. Active in more than 50 countries and regions across the world, Pantum offers convenient, easy-to-use, economical, energy-efficient, and reliable printing solutions.

The Value for Money Brand of 2021: Lapcare

Lapcare, based in Singapore, is an international brand specializing in providing premium quality compatible laser toner cartridges, laptop peripherals, and accessories. The brand operates in India through its national distributor, Rx Infotech Pvt Limited. Lapcare’s solutions are backed with innovation, the latest technology, high-quality standards, and excellent customer service.

The Fast Growing Imaging Brand of 2021: Foxin

Foxin offers premium quality compatible laser toner cartridges at affordable prices.  Foxin is a brand of Kolkata-based Balaji Solutions Pvt Ltd, a leading IT products distributor, and manufacturer of IT products. The merits of Foxin are uncompromising quality, affordable prices, transparent deals, and effective customer service backed by a nationwide distribution network.

Best Quality-Driven Brand of 2021: Aryan

The Mumbai-based Aryan Trade World Pvt Ltd is a leading provider of a wide gamut of high-quality imaging products and toner cartridge accessories under their brand name Aryan. ATWPL also is the authorized national distributor for the world’s renowned brands like TTI, Chinamate, and A&G.

India’s Largest Manufacturer of Digital Textile Inkjet Printers of 2021: Colorjet

Based in Noida, ColorJet, with its manufacturing facilities in India, is the fastest growing wide format digital inkjet print technology leader in the Indian sub-continent. Colorjet is globally reputed for its deep commitment to Technological Innovation, Strong Outreach & Service Infrastructure, and Complete Customer Focus to maintain its leadership position.

Superior Quality Provider of 2021: Print IT

Print IT, the brand of Indrayani Sales Pvt Ltd, imports and provides compatible top-class imaging products including cartridges and printer spares. The brand aims to deliver cost-effective & truly integrated technology solutions that offer trouble-free functioning & have enhanced life.

The Young Generation Woman Entrepreneur of 2021 Award: Ms. Aarushi Rajpal

Ms. Aarushi Rajpal, Director of ProDot, under the able guidance of his father, Mr. Pramod Rajpal, is one of the driving forces behind the success. Ms. Aarushi Rajpal is a dynamic, young lady, who aims to take ProDot to the next level by expanding its channel network and increasing ProDot’s reach. Her vision is to make ProDot the most desired and affordable brand in India backed by the best quality and service. She believes in ‘being Indian, buying Indian products, and supporting the country.’ ProDot’s wide range of products includes DMP and laserjet compatible cartridges, refilling aids, computer peripherals, computer accessories, laptop accessories,  photo papers, and antivirus products. 

The Premium Quality Brand of 2021:  Blue Streak

Blue Streak, the brand of Pristine Care Products Pvt Ltd, based in Mumbai, provides a wide range of printing consumables, accessories, and solutions under their brand name Blue Streak. With over 100 different products to offer under numerous categories, Blue Streak provides consumables for a wide gamut of printer brands and their models.

The Best National Distributor of 2021: Supertron

Based in Kolkata, Supertron Electronics Pvt Ltd is a leading IT & Telecom distribution & services intermediary in India. Supertron boasts of a wide and deep national network of over 9000 retail points, robust logistics support, safe warehousing, and an immense wealth of goodwill earned through years of ethical business practices. Supertron enables brands to make an informed choice in product selection, pricing, and distribution strategy. Supertron is also a distributor for the global printer & imaging brands like Pantum, Ninestar, and G&G.A Leading Supplier for Imaging Products in 2021:  Globe Technology

The awardees for Editor’s Choice Awards were selected by a team of editors and industry experts.

The Value for Money Quality Brand of 2021: iQ

The Reliable Brand in Printer Consumable Industry of 2021: Gi2

A Fast Growing Trader of 2021: Prefil System

The Reliable Brand in East Market of 2021: Easyfill

The Premium Quality Toner Brand of 2021: Q-Cartridge

The Best Printer Inks Manufacturer of 2021: Splashjet Inkjet Ink Pvt Ltd 

The Most Partner-Friendly Brand of 2021: JET TEC

Most Impactful Brand in India of 2021:  IMAGE KING

The Best Printer Spares Supplier in India of 2021: Jet Technologies

The New Arrival Brand of 2021: ACXXEL

The Best Color Toner Manufacturing Company of 2021 (International):  Itone (INC)

The Most Active Recycler’s Association: (RCRA) Rajasthan Cartridge Recycler Association

The Best OPC Drum Manufacturer of 2021: OPC Technology Japan (P) Ltd

To Sum Up

The 9th Imaging Solution Achievers Awards Night 2022 was a feast for the eyes and ears and was really exciting. It was very inspiring and motivating to see the best-performing individuals, products, brands, and companies winning the awards they deserve. The program was interspersed with episodes of entertainment. It was great fun and a pleasure to see all the partners under one roof and it all ended with a cocktail and dinner. Imaging Solution thanks all the partners, especially those who actively supported the event. We are sure with the support and blessings of our partners, we will conduct our future events in a grander way.


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