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Brother New Service Makes Printing Cheaper and Easier

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Brother UK has announced the release of a new printer service—EcoPro, aiming to make printing cheaper and easier for small businesses and home workers. According to reports, customers will be able to choose between a 12-month and a 24-month subscription plan, with the low monthly fee. With EcoPro, subscribers will first state their required capabilities (color printing or monochrome, A4 or A3, ink or laser, etc.), after which the company will ship the ideal model. The models are either new or refurbished, but will all come with a warranty for the duration of the subscription. Ink and toner is also covered by the service, depending on the number of pages listed in the plan. In addition, subscribers will be incentivized to return the devices back to Brother UK after the subscription ends. The company then either refurbishes the devices and sends them to someone else, or recycles them. Besides being cheaper and simpler, EcoPro’s goal is also to reduce carbon emissions and work towards a greener future. It claims that reusing a device reduces associated carbon emissions by 66 percent. The remaining Co2 emissions used in the production, delivery and usage of every printer will be offset in independently verified carbon offsetting projects.

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