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Dubaria Computers: Set to go in a Big Way into remanufacturing as Well as Distribution

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Dubaria Computers Pvt. Ltd. is the leading re-engineers of Printer Cartridges under the Brand name ‘Dubaria’. Dubaria Computers Pvt. Ltd. is one of the legally entitled independent re-engineering companies that produce the most complete line of re-engineered cartridges. Dubaria reengineers top quality toner cartridges for laser printers and fax machines with quality at par to OEMs.



ompared to OEM cartridges, the costs of Dubaria re-engineered cartridges are less and the raw materials used for laser print cartridges are imported from Static Control.

Higher yield print cartridges, smart printing technology, modular delivery system, high capacity cartridges — these factors plus Dubaria’s Warranty, Service and Support give top quality output for the customers’ money. Dubaria Computers Pvt. Ltd. is also authorized sole national distributors in India for Static Control. Static Control Components is the world’s largest manufacturer and global distributor of parts and supplies supporting the laser toner remanufacturing industry.
As distributor of Static Control, as to how he sees the Indian market and their market policy in India, Nikhil Dubaria, Director, Dubaria Computers Pvt. Ltd., shares, “Indian market is vast and we have not tapped the full potential as yet. We are grateful to Static Control Components Inc. USA for choosing us as their India Distributor. Static Control Components Inc. USA and Dubaria Computers Pvt. Ltd. have similar thought processes, plans and procedures as to how to go forward in the Indian market—that is what bring us both closer.  Static Control Components Inc. USA has good quality and Dubaria has PAN India presence—this will benefit both of us. Presently we have offices in 16 locations in India.”

Distributor and Remanufacturer

Dubaria Computers Pvt. Ltd. has good business contacts in the corporate sector, on the other hand they entered distribution business. As to how they can balance these two different operations, Nikhil explains, “We have got a team of strength 35 looking after Static operations. Now my complete focus will be on Static Control Components Inc. USA. The main challenge is pricing as price is an important determinant in India at present. We are explaining people about the importance of quality and what our products can give them in this regard. I am sure within 6 months we will get going. Unfortunately awareness is very low in the corporate as well as in other areas in India. This is mainly because remanufacturing industry players in India are less active when it comes to educating the market and the prospective end users. To increase the awareness in India about the remanufacturing industry, I even have an idea: we should organize meetings to which we should invite CEOs and purchase managers (prospective end customers) of companies to whom we can explain what recycling industry is all about. I am sure big customers can cut down their printing bills by 40% if not more by using recycled products.”

Importance of Educating the Consumers as well as the Channel

In India, customers do not have good knowledge about remanufactured products, but that is just one side of the fact. Even most partners do not have sound knowledge about recycled products. How to educate channel? In this regard, Nikhil comments, “Yes, as you said partners also need education. When the focus of a major portion of the customers changes from price to quality, then we can say the customers and the market is educated. At present customers just want a low price and quality only to a certain limit. That is the hindrance to sell high quality products in the Indian market at present. Once people are educated, they will think about quality first and price next. As far as educating the channel is concerned Static Control already has a State of Art Training Center in the Heart of New Delhi and are holding many training and awareness programs to educate the remanufacturers, refillers and the channel. ”

Now new young generation is entering the industry. Overall distribution landscape is changing in India? In this regard, Nikhil opines, “Members of our team are making contacts with corporates and other companies to create awareness about the recycling industry and how to get best quality from this industry and how to save on printing costs. We are also laying stress on educating our own channel so that they can educate the end customers. It will take some time, but I am confident that our team will achieve this within a short period.”

At Last

Every company has its goals for the immediate future. Where Dubaria wants to be in the next two years?  Nikhil asserts, “We will aim to be at the top. I know it is not easy, but we are game for it. In this regard, I will quote what my father taught me when I was a kid: I should compare myself with myself. I should do better today than what I did yesterday. Tomorrow I should aim at doing better than what I did today. So I am the continuous competitor to myself. I do not get into comparing myself with others.”

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