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Remanufacturing the Brother HL 3140 Series Toner Cartridges TN-221/225 Color Toner Cartridges

by Imaging Solution Bureau

The Brother HL-3040 printer engine is based on a new 19ppm black and color, 600 x 2400 DPI color LED engine. The machines come standard with a fixed memory of 64Mb, and runs off a 333 MHz processor. With print speeds of 19ppm and a list price starting at $299.00, these machines are becoming very popular.

The toner cartridges do not have a reset chip on them, but do have a reset gear that must be positioned properly for the machine to accept it as a new cartridge. The STD and HY cartridges use a different reset gear. The starter cartridges that initially came with new printers do not come with a rest gear. A new gear can be added and the starter cartridge made into a full TN221 or 225 cartridge. The proper reset positions of the gear will be covered later in this instruction. In addition to new reset gears being available, there is also an optional kit to convert a color cartridge to a black so that it fits into the drum unit properly. Sometimes black toners are in short supply and this allows you to satisfy you customer. While it’s never advisable to take a black and create a color cartridge, it is possible to take a color and make a black from it.

Current machines released so far are:


The toner cartridges are:

TN221BK 2,500 pages
TN221C 1,400 pages
TN221M 1,400 pages
TN221Y 1,400 pages

TN225C 2,200 pages
TN225M 2,200 pages
TN225Y 2,200 pages

This series of toner cartridge are also sold around the world as the TN-241/245 (UK), TN-261/265 (Middle East, Africa), HL-251/255 (Asia, Oceania), and TN-291/296 (Japan).

The drum unit is new as well; Part # DR-221CL and is rated for 15,000 pages. This unit has 4 separate drums laid out in line. It will be covered in a future article.

If you’re familiar with Brother cartridges, you know they do not work like other manufacturers cartridges. This series of printers is no exception. I won’t repeat it all here as nothing has really changed in the printing theory, but if you’d like a refresher please see our HL-3040 TN-210 instructions.

Required Tools

Toner approved vacuum.
Phillips Head Screwdriver
Small Common Screwdriver
Needle nose pliers
Required Supplies
Toner for use in the Brother HL-3140 Toner: Choose the correct color and gram weight for your cartridge
Proper Reset gear for the starter cartridge (See text)
Lint free cotton cloths
Toner magnet cloths

1) Vacuum the exterior of the cartridge. Be careful not to damage the developer roller as it is exposed.
2) With the handle facing you, remove the 2 screws on the right colored end cap.
3) Press in on the tab shown and carefully pry up and remove the end cap.
4) Remove the small white gear so it doesn’t get lost.
5) Remove the fill plug from the toner cartridge. Dump the remaining toner from the cartridge.
6) On the opposite side, remove the two screws from the end cap.
7) Lift up on the bottom tab and remove the end cap.
8) Remove the four gears a shown.
9) Move the white plastic developer roller bushing.
10) Remove the black developer roller drive gear.
11) Pry off the inner end caps from both sides of the cartridge.
12) Remove the developer roller.
13) Carefully vacuum/blow the cartridge clean. Use only low pressure air! (High pressure air can cause leaks in the seals). Be sure to rotate the foam feed roller so it is fully cleaned.
14) Vacuum/blow the doctor blade. We do not recommend that the doctor blade be removed as the developer roller felt seals will be disturbed. Once a new blade is available, great care will have to be taken not to tear the seals causing a leak. The doctor blade can be easily cleaned by blowing the excess toner off, and wiping down with a lint free cloth. Be very careful not to leave any lint behind and do not use any chemicals to clean it!
15) Inspect the developer roller felts. If they are compressed, (shiny) gently rough them up with a small screwdriver.
16) Clean the developer roller with a lint free cloth. Do not use any chemicals to clean the roller. A dry, clean, lint free cloth will work fine.
17) Re-install the developer roller long shaft side to the gear side.
18) Re-install the inner end caps White to the gear side.
19) Fill with the appropriate color toner for use in the HL-3140 cartridge. (This should be done with a small funnel as the fill hole is small. You can also fill before re-installing the develop roller, but you must pour a small amount in, rotate the feed roller, pour more etc.
17) Replace the fill plug.
18) Clean the gears, making sure that they have no toner on them. This is a good time to also check the gear shafts to make sure there is enough grease. If the shafts appear dry, or the grease is contaminated with toner, clean the shaft and inside of the gear. Replace the grease with white lithium grease.
19) Install the black developer roller drive gear.
20) Install the white developer roller bushing.
21) Install the four gears as shown.
22) Install the gear side end cap and two screws.
23) On the opposite side install the small black gear.
24) Set the gear and spring as shown. Figure 25 shows the proper reset gear position, the gear and spring must be set EXACTLY as shown. If you have a starter cartridge these gears will not be present. Aftermarket gear and spring sets are available for both cartridges.
25) Install the reset gear end cap and two screws.
Wipe the cartridge down to remove any remaining toner dust.
25) Install the developer roller cover. This is important as the developer roller is exposed and is easily damaged or contaminated.

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