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Remanufacturing the Samsung ML-1860 Toner Cartridge

by Imaging Solution Bureau

First released in May 2011, the Samsung ML-1860 series of printers is based on a 19ppm, 1200 Dpi engine. Other than the toner cartridge, all the other consumables are rated for 30,000 pages. (Fuser, transfer roller, paper pickup rollers). That coincidentally is also the rated life for the printer. It seems Samsung considers these models throw away machines.

 These cartridges do not have a built in drum cover, but do come new with a black plastic cover.

The replacement cartridge it self is rated for 1,500 pages at 5% coverage (ISO 19752). The starter cartridge is rated for 700 pages.

Printers based on this engine:

Samsung ML-1660
Samsung ML-1665
Samsung ML-1670
Samsung ML-1675
Samsung ML-1860
Samsung ML-1865
Samsung SCX-3200
Samsung SCX-3205


MLT-D104S, MLT0D0142S (Europe)


Required Tools

1) Toner approved vacuum.
2) A small Common screw driver 3) A Phillips head screwdriver
4) Needle nose pliers


Required Supplies

Replacement toner for use in the Samsung ML-1860
Replacement chip
Conductive Grease
Drum lubricating powder

1) Place the cartridge with the handle facing away from you. Slice off the 3 plastic rivets with a Square Xacto type blade on the contact end cap.

2) Gently pry off the end cap.

3) On the opposite side of the cartridge, Slice off the 3 plastic rivets with a Square Xacto type blade.

4) Gently pry off the end cap.

5) Locate the two rivets on each side on the top of the cartridge. Slice them off with the chisel blade.

6) Lift off the waste chamber.

7) Remove the PCR.

8) Remove the two screws and wiper blade from the waste chamber.
9) Clean out any remaining toner from the waste chamber. Be careful to keep the WB seal clean.

10) Re-install the wiper blade and two screws.

11) Clean the PCR with your normal PCR cleaner and install in the cartridge.

WARNING: Do not clean the OEM PCR with alcohol, as this will remove the conductive coating from the roller. If the PCR is an aftermarket, follow the cleaning methods recommended by the manufacturer. If the PCR is an OEM, we recommend it be cleaned with your standard PCR cleaner.

12) To remove the OPC drum, slide the axle out from the gear side of the drum. Remove the drum.

13) Remove the 5 gears as shown and place aside. Leave the developer roller gear on its shaft.

14) Remove the Developer Roller by lifting it out from the non gear side.

15) Carefully pry out the fill plug. It fits tight and is easily damaged. Work a small jeweler’s screwdriver around the edge until the plug comes free.

16) Clean out any remaining toner from the hopper.

17) Remove the 2 screws on the doctor blade. The blade was left in place to protect the DB seal. If toner gets on this seal it will not work and the cartridge will leak. It can be replaced with silicon, but it’s easier to just keep it clean by leaving the DB on as long as possible when cleaning.

It is highly recommended that the Doctor Blade be cleaned. Failure to do so will cause streaking. Dampen a cotton swab with alcohol, and clean the blade. Be careful not to press too hard and damage the blade. If the blade has a heavy buildup of toner on it, clean it with Acetone, and then alcohol.

18) Clean the feed roller and any remaining toner from the hopper.

19) Re-install the doctor blade and two screws.

20) Install the developer roller, geared end to the gear side of the cartridge.

21) Install the drum.

22) Install the drum axle through the gear side. Keep the keyed end towards the gear.

23) Install the 5 gears as shown in the order indicated. See Figure 27

24) Fill the hopper with the appropriate toner. Replace the fill plug, check for leaks.

25) Place the two halves together. Make sure the top two rivets snap in place.

26) Drill two small holes in the rivets and insert the screws.

27) Install the gear side end cap. Make sure the drum axle fits correctly in its slot by turning it from the opposite side until it locks in place.

28) Drill hole where the three rivets were and install the screws.

29) Install the replacement chip on the conta6 end cap by sliding it out from the inside of the end cap. Replace the chip making sure it’s seated properly.

30) Install the remaining end cap drill the three holes and install the screws.

31) Install the drum cover on the cartridge.

Printing Test Pages:

Demo Page

Press and hold the “PRINT SCREEN” button for 10seconds until all the Green LED blinks rapidly. A demo page and the Configuration page will print.

Repetitive Defect Chart

Upper Fuser roller 77.5mm
Lower Fuser Roller 75.4mm
OPC Drum 62.9mm
Supply Roller 47.0mm
Transfer roller 39.2mm
Developer Roller 35.1mm
PCR 26.7mm

Printer Error Codes

Error Code Error Message

C1-1110 Prepare new toner cartridge.
C1-1120 Replace with new toner cartridge.
C1-1130 End of life, Replace with new toner cartridge.
C1-1411 Toner cartridge is not installed. Install the cartridge.
C1-1512 Toner cartridge is not compatible.
M1-1013 Paper jam in tray.
M1-5012 Paper is empty in tray. Load paper.
M2-1114 Paper jam inside of machine.
S2-4110 Door is open. Close the door.
U1-2113 Fuser Unit Failure #U1-2113. Please turn off then on.
U1-2131 Fuser Unit Failure #U1-2131. Please turn off then on.
U1-2141 Fuser Unit Failure #U1-2141. Please turn off then on.
U2-5111 Black LSU Unit Failure: #U2-5111 please turn off then on.
U2-5113 Black LSU Unit Failure: #U2-5113 please turn off then on.


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