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Great Refillers: First in India to Provide Highly Innovative Filters

by Imaging Solution Bureau
great-refillers abhishek

great-refillers abhishekThe Great Refillers, a Bangalore-based company, was established in 2008 with a vision to develop and sustain good quality and services. They started with remanufacturing printer cartridges, using the finest quality supplies, techniques and processes to facilitatestandard quality prints and optimum page yield consistently. Over a period of time they have added new products and services such as providing new printers, cartridges and printer Services. In 2012, The Great Refillers were appointed as the sole Distributor of Riensch& Held, Hamburg (established in 1845), Germany, for emission control filters for laser printers and photocopiers & dust control filter for PC, UPS, Servers, etc.



Abhishek Chokhani, Proprietor, The Great Refillers, in an interaction with Imaging Solution, shares, “At present, our main focus is on providing3 innovative products: 1. Cartridgerefilling, 2. Emission control filter for laser printers and photocopiers, and 3. Patented PC filter that traps dust which otherwise entersthe PC through suction (inlet) fan. First product, cartridge refilling offers foolproof technology.Toner & ink cartridge refilling gives quality as good as the original cartridge& we have thousands of Satisfied customers.The second product is emission control filter for printers and copiers. Efficiency of our filters has been tested and certified by various German

Laboratories.Photocopiers and laser printers release nano particles and emissions such as Ozone, Benzene & Toluene during printing process which could be carcinogenic. Our emission control filter eliminates harmful emissions and converts ozone (O3) to oxygen (O2) in a catalytic process.It also absorbs the foul odor that is felt during printing process.  The third product PC filter protects the PC from dust & the suction fan attached to the cabinet flows only clean air inside. This naturally keeps the motherboard cool and thusthe system works as fast as a new one.”  No need to open & clean the CPU cabinet is required.  No dust, no heat!

The Clean Office emission control filter (the listed above as second) is fitted outside exhaust fan of laser printers and photocopiers and it removes harmful emissions from the printer. People who work for long hour near the printers and copiers are susceptible to the emissions.The filter consists of patentedelectrostatically charged media and an additional layer of activated carbon. This filter is suitable for all laser printers and photocopiers and it retains its efficiency up to 6-12 months.
Abhishek comments, “In India, at present we are the only company providing emission control filter and PC filter. We also have world class inks imported from Germany and perfect technology for refilling. Right now our products are not known well in the market. We are in the process of creating awareness among customers. At present our promotion is limited to references, emails and just-dial ads. In future, we want to increase awareness among customers about our products and increase our business.”

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