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“Our committed channel partners are key to our success”

by Imaging Solution Bureau

Aryan Trade World Pvt Ltd, is a leading provider of imaging consumables which include all types of laser and photo copier toner powders, all models of laser toner cartridges and parts. Aryan is also an authorized distributor for TTI (Trend Tone Imaging) and Golden Green & Print King. In an interaction with Imaging Solution Magazine, Tanya Goel, vice-President, Aryan Trade World Pvt Ltd, shared their company’s outlook, values and road map.

Tanya Goel clarifies, “Aryan’s motto is ‘Quality is our Passion.’ Aryan provides best quality products at affordable prices. We are a huge company with a dynamic team. We source from the best vendors in the world like TTI, Print King, Gold Green, etc.”

Imaging industry is very big and is growing in India. With computer and printer penetration still being at less than 10%, the industry offers lot of scope for new innovations and business expansion. At present, the industry is not yet organized and there are lots of variations in prices and product quality in the market. In this regard, Tanya comments, “There is a need that all the players like vendors, distributors and media should work together so that we can give a proper shape and order to the industry and set some norms how the players should work.Since there is an ongoing problem with the return payments from the market, many people are leaving the imaging industry and are joining other industries.We need to promote reliability in the imaging industry. We are financially strong as we have several business verticals, whichhelp us to withstand ups and downs in the market and work confidently in ourimaging business.

Channel plays an important role in the success of a company and brand. In this regard, Tanya clarifies, “Many vendors fear to give credit facility to the partners, where we give financial credit to our partners so that they can operate confidently. We are channel-oriented company and in each territory we give the responsibility of handling all the operations to one distributor and we do not interfere with them; this also helps to avoid cross-competition between the partners.  And we provide them promotion and logistics support besides credit support. We have a Gold Scheme to motivate channel partners according to which for their quarterly /yearly performance, we give them rewards. Once in every 3 months, we evaluate the performance of each partner and suggest corrective measures if necessary and try to solve their problems.”

Regarding future plans, Tanya asserts, “In future we want to expand further across India.We have grown a lot and in the next 3 years time, we want to capture 40%market share in the country. In the coming years we will put a lot of effort on promotion and branding.”

Aryan to reward performing channel partners with gold coins
Tanya Goel , Vice president of Aryan Trade  World Pvt Ltd
Diwali, the festival of lights and sweets, is the time of the year when we invite goddess Laxmi into our lives to shower her blessing on us, to celebrate life with family and friends. It is a joyful festive season that brings happiness to our lives.

We at Aryan Trade World try our best to make a difference in your life. We understand how hard our clients work to sustain in this competitive market. Aryan Gold scheme has been to motivate and encourage their existing loyal partner for their hard work and loyalty. The scheme is meant to recognize the partners for their contribution to enhancing the market share of Aryan products. As a part of 3-month scheme, Aryan will select some potential buyers on the basis of their purchases from Aryan during the quarter. The winners will be rewarded with gold coins.
This scheme has been proven to be quite successful in the past and we are looking forward to continue this type of schemes.

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