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Remanufacturing the Xerox WorkCentre 3115 Toner Cartridge

by Imaging Solution Bureau

The Xerox WorkCentre 3115 series of printers are based on a 33-37 ppm Multifunction engine (depending on the model) with a maximum resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi. The first page out is stated to be under 6.5 seconds. The monthly duty cycle is rated at 80,000 pages per month and they come standard with a 360 MHz (3315) or a 600 MHz (3325 series) processor.



The WorkCentre 3115 has a standard memory of 128Mb which is upgradeable to 384mb. The WorkCentre 3325 comes with 256Mb of memory and is upgradeable to 768Mb. The 3325DNI also has wifi connectivity built in. All machines are multifunction and are capable of Printing, Copying, Faxing, and Scanning.

The WorkCentre 3115 cartridges do not have a drum cover, and come new with a piece of heavy paper with a thin sheet of foam on the inside taped around the cartridge. Inside the foam cover also has a thin plastic shipping lock that pulls the PCR off the drum so that no flat spots occur on the PCR during storage

As with most cartridges these days there are no screws in the outside of the cartridge at all. There are plastic rivets that need to be cut off, holes drilled and screws installed to hold them back on.

The cartridges available for these machines are as follows:

106R02309 LY cartridge (US Xerox Part#) 2,300 pages; WC3315 Only
106R02311 Std cartridge, (US Xerox Part#) 5,000 pages; WC 3315 & 3325 series
106R02313 HY cartridge (US Xerox Part#) 11,000 pages; WC3325 series only

The cartridges have a chip that has to be replaced each cycle. The OEM chips are regional so be sure to get the proper chip for your region.

The 106R02309 has a list price of $89.99, the 106R02311 has a list price of $144.99, and the 106R02313 lists for $249.99

There are three models in the WorkCentre 3115 engine. The WorkCentre 3115DN, WorkCentre 3325DN, and WorkCentre 3325DNI

Pricing as of June 2014

Cartridge troubleshooting will be listed at the end of these instructions

Required Tools

1) Toner approved vacuum.
2) A small Common screw driver 3) A Phillips head screwdriver
4) Needle nose pliers

Required Supplies

Toner for use in the Xerox WorkCentre 3115 145g for the 5k, and 285g for the 11k cart
New WorkCentre 3115/3325 replacement chip (Check for the proper cartridge part #, Yield and Region)
New OPC drum (Optional)
New developer roller (Optional)
New PCR (Optional)
New wiper blade (Optional)
New doctor Blade (Optional)
Sealing strip
Shipping lock
Conductive Grease
99% Isopropyl alcohol
Drum lubricating powder
Small tube of Silicone caulk

1) On the contact side of the cartridge, slice off the slice off the heads of the 3 plastic rivets with a chisel blade knife. If your knife is too wide, you may find it necessary to drill out the upper recessed rivets on both sides. Leave the end cap on for now.
2) On the opposite side end cap take the chisel blade knife and slice off the heads of the 3 plastic rivets. See above step for recessed rivets. Leave the end cap on for now.
3) The drum axle arms on both sides of the cartridge stay with the end cap. There is no need to remove them.
4) Remove the drum drive gear.
5) While still on the same side, locate the two tabs. Press in on each tab, and remove the end cap. The drum axle arm will come off with the end cap.
6) On the right side end cap, Press in on the three tabs and remove the end cap.
7) Separate the two halves slightly and lift off the middle top cover. See Figure 14
8) Gently pry up on the tabs on both sides of the cartridge and remove the waste hopper. Be careful to hold the drum so it does not become damaged. Remove the drum/waste assy.
9) Remove the drum.
10) Remove the PCR from the assembly.
11) Clean the PCR with your normal PCR cleaner.

WARNING: Do not clean the OEM PCR with alcohol, as this will remove the conductive coating from the roller. If the PCR is an aftermarket, follow the cleaning methods recommended by the manufacturer. If the PCR is an OEM, we recommend it be cleaned with your standard PCR cleaner.
12) Remove the two screws from the wiper blade, remove the blade. It’s easy to remove if you slide it out from under the PCR holders.
13) Clean out all the waste toner from the hopper. Make sure the seals are clean.
14) Carefully remove the wiper blade seal from the right (chip) side. Peel the seal back around 3”.
15) Pry up the chip cover.
16) Lift up on the tab as shown, and press the chip out through the opening.
17) Replace the chip.
18) Replace the chip cover.
19) Re-install the wiper blade seal. Use 100% silicon if the seal tore to prevent any leaks. Just like the OEM did, be careful not to use any silicon on the chip cover area. (Otherwise it will be very difficult to replace the chip on the next cycle.
20) Install the new wiper blade and two screws. It is easier to install if you slide it in under the PCR holders.
21) Place a small amount of conductive grease in the holders, and install the PCR. The long shaft side to the gear or non-chip side.
22) Install the drum with the large gear to the gear or non-chip side of the drum into the waste hopper.
23) On the supply hopper, carefully pry out the fill plug and dump out any remaining toner. The fill plug can be difficult to remove as it is recessed. Take a small common screwdriver and work it around the edge lifting slightly until it comes loose.
24) Pry off the gear plate, remove the gears.
25) Remove the developer roller bushings from both sides.
26) Remove the developer roller.
27) Remove the 2 screws from the doctor blade, remove the blade.
28) Clean out all the remaining toner from the hopper.
29) Make sure the doctor blade sealing foam and the developer roller seals are clean and intact.
30) Clean the Dr. Blade edge so there is no evidence of build up along the edge. If any buildup exists, the cartridge will streak. No chemicals should be used. We have found using a clean ice cream type wooden stick (from a craft store)works great for scraping the blade clean without damaging it. Make sure you have the blade supported properly when cleaning so it does not bend.
31) Install the seal when available through the developer roller opening.
32) Pull the tail of the seal through the seal port.
33) Install the doctor blade and two screws.
34) Clean the developer roller with a dedicated DVR cleaner, and replace into the hopper. Place the long shaft side to the gear side of the cartridge. It should snap in place if installed correctly.
35) Clean and replace the conductive grease on the short shaft side of the roller.
36) Fill the hopper with toner for use in the Xerox WorkCentre 3115, 145g for the 5k cart and 285g for the 11k cart. Replace the fill plug and check for leaks.
37) Replace the bushings on both side of the developer roller.
38) Install the gears in the order as shown.
39) Install the gear axle plate.
40) Fit both sides of the waste hopper tabs into the toner hopper.
41) Slide the cleaned middle top cover/PCR cleaner assembly into place. Make sure the center tab fits under the edge of the doctor blade.
42) Clean the contacts on the left side end cap, and replace the conductive grease. Snap the end cap into place.
43) Drill 3 small holes that correspond to the screw size you’re using. Install the three screws into the end cap. We used a #8 x ¼” self tapping screw and a #29 drill bit.
44) Clean the hubs on the gear or right side end cap. Snap the end cap into place.
45) Drill 3 small holes that correspond to the screw size you’re using. Install the three screws into the end cap.
46) Install the drum drive gear.
47) The drum separators are fixed to the end caps. They should be set as shown. These arms keep the drum and developer rollers separated until the cartridge is installed in the printer.
48) Install the protective cover around the cartridge. The two tabs of the shipping lock are inserted on each side of the cartridge as shown.

Repetitive defect chart:
Upper heat roller: 77.5mm
OPC drum: 75.6mm
Lower pressure roller: 75.4mm
Supply Roller: 49.0mm
Transfer roller: 47.0mm
PCR 37.5mm
Developer roller: 35.0mm

Printing test pages
Select the Machine Status button on the control panel
Press the up or down arrow until INFORMATION PAGES appears on the display. Press OK
Press the up or down arrow until the report you want to print appears on the display. Press OK

The report choices are (but not limited to): Menu Map, Configuration, Supplies info, Demo, PCL font, PS font, Epson font, Stored Jobs, and Usage counters (Machine status)

Changing the density or resolution
Select the MACHINE STATUS button on the control panel
Press the up or down arrow until PRINT SETUP appears on the display. Press OK
Press the up or down arrow until either RESOLUTION OR DARKEN TEXT appears on the display. Press OK

You can then change the resolution from 600DPI to 1200, or the density from NORMAL to “LIGHTER”, “DARKER” or “OFF”

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