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Re-manufacturing the HP Enterprise Flow MFP M880 and M855 Toner Cartridges

by Imaging Solution Bureau

The HP M880 and M855 printers were introduced in October of 2013 and are based on a 46ppm, 1200 DPI laser engine. The processor is rated at 800MHz, and the memory is for the M855 is fixed at 1 GB, the M880 is fixed at 2.5Gb but also has a 320Gb hard drive.



 The engines for both machines are very similar as are the cartridges but they are NOT interchangeable. There are Physical differences that prevent using cores across the machines plus different chips. Figure A shows the main physical difference between the two toner cartridges. It’s interesting to note that both machine groups share the same drum units. 

Both series of these printers are very large and very expensive. The cartridges are also large and expensive. This is good news for us as the margins are high and they are high use machines. They have separate toner and drum units and the toner cartridges are very easy to remanufacture.

All cartridges use chips that need to be replaced each cycle.

The two groups of machines are the:

Color LaserJet Enterprise M855dn, M855xh (826A toner series)

Color LaserJet Enterprise M880z, M880z+, M880z+NFC/Wireless Direct (828A toner series)

The toner cartridges used in the M855 machines are as follows:

Black CF310A (826A) 29,000 $405.00 List
Cyan CF311A (826A) 31,500 $665.00 List
Magenta CF312A (826A) 31,500 $665.00 list
Yellow CF313A (826A) 31,500 $665.00 List

The Drum units used are:

Black CF358A (828A) 30,000 $120.00 List
Cyan CF359A (828A) 30,000 $332.00 List
Magenta CF364A (828A) 30,000 $332.00 List
Yellow CF365A (828A) 30,000 $332.00 list

The toner cartridges used in the M880 machines are as follows:

Black CF300A (827A) 29,500 $138.00 List
Cyan CF301A (827A) 32,000 $615.00 List
Magenta CF302A (827A) 32,000 $615.00 list
Yellow CF303A (826A) 32,000 $615.00 List

The Drum units used are:

Black CF358A (828A) 30,000 $120.00 List
Cyan CF359A (828A) 30,000 $332.00 List
Magenta CF364A (828A) 30,000 $332.00 List
Yellow CF365A (828A) 30,000 $332.00 list

Toner cartridge remanufacturing

Tools needed:

Toner approved vacuum.
A small common screw driver
A Phillips head screwdriver

Modified soldering iron, or drill with ½” drill bit.
Hot Glue gun or drill and self tapping screws

Supplies Needed:

Toner for use in the M855 and M880 printers
Replacement chip for toner cartridge Make sure you have the correct cartridge series and color!

Toner Magnet cloths

1) The toner cartridge does not have a fill plug or an opening large enough to clean or refill it through. Because of this, the cartridge needs to have a hole cut. This is best done with a soldering iron with a screw in tip and a ½” copper plumbing end cap drilled, filed and screwed on the iron. You can also drill the hole, but you must be very careful not to get plastic shavings inside the cartridge.The soldering iron was bought at Radio Shack. The tip is not a common thread size, but a #8 screw can be forced in. If the screw is too long, use lock washer to take up the space.
2) The best place to do this is under the end cap. This way there is no chance the sealing label will be pulled off. Carefully peel off the label on the end cap. The label is easily torn to take some care in removing it.
3) Remove the screw.
4) Press in on the middle curved section and slide the cover up and off of the cartridge.
5) Remove Place the hole in the top left section as shown.
6) Clean all the remaining toner, and fill with toner for use in the M855 and M880 printers.
7) Cover the hole with a good quality label seal Check for leaks.
8) Once a seal is available, it will be installed by removing the 3 screws on the top of the seal assembly, and single screw on the side cover.
9) Remove the top cover and side cover.
10) Slice the melted plastic off and if using screws to re-attach the cover, drill 4 small holes in the areas indicated on the seal cover. The preferred and easier method is to use a hot glue gun to secure the cover when re-attaching it.
11) Remove the seal cover by carefully prying it off.
12) Install the new seal. Wrap the tail around the take up gear.
13) Place the seal cover back on and using a hot glue gun, glue the cover in place. If you drilled holes, install the 4 small self tapping screws.
14) Install the top cover, side cover and 4 screws. The three short screws are for the top cover and the single long screw is for the side cover.
15) Slide the fill side end cap in place. Install the screw and replace the label. (Be careful here as the label is easily torn).
15) Slice off the melted plastic tabs and replace the chip.
That’s it! There are no shipping locks used or needed.

Repetitive defect Chart:

NOTE: The toner cartridges are just large hoppers. There is nothing inside that can cause a repetitive defect. The items listed below are for the OPC, transfer or fuser modules in the printer.

36mm Developer Roller (in OPC Cartridge)
40mm PCR (in OPC Cartridge)
50mm Transfer roller #1
71mm Transfer roller #2
82mm Tension Roller (in the transfer unit)
94mm OPC Drum. (Color of defect will determine the faulty drum).
144mm Lower Fuser Roller
148mm Upper Fuser Roller

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